How to Throw a Princess Theme Party

Princess Theme Party

Have you been wondering how you can make your kid extra special on her birthday? There is nothing more perfect than throwing a princess theme party for her. There are a lot of kids who dream of being a famous Disney princess such as Belle, Cinderella, Ariel, Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Aurora. They will be more than happy to experience a princess-like party and dress in beautiful or stunning gowns.

How to organize a princess theme party?

To make it grand without overspending, a lot of important items in the party need to be given careful planning and utmost attention. Make the best Disney party for your daughter with some money-saving tips. Here are the most things to take note of when planning a wonderful party for your daughter.

  • Princess Invitations

This is one of the easiest things to prepare. You may opt to buy read-made invitation cards with designs of your daughter’s favourite Disney princess. There are also a lot of advantages with creating the invitations by yourself. For one, you can personalize it and unleash your creativity. Just make sure to choose playful fonts and print on high-quality paper. Putting a ribbon or a star to enclose it will create a lot of fun and excitement to party guests.

  • The Princess Gown and Tiara

Having a costume or a gown for your daughter is definitely very important. To make her feel that it really is a princess theme party, it is highly significant to spend some money on her gown. There are custom princess dresses that can be bought online. There are also stunning gowns that do not indicate any princess character but are definitely princess-like in design or style. One of the most famous styles is the ankle-length multi-colour A-line satin mesh princess dress with pleats.

For the tiara, this can be found in many online shops. The most popular choice is the silver tiara. Other option for your daughter is a silver headband, as this can be used again in special occasions.

  • Party Plates and Cups

These have to be special as well to create the perfect princess theme party atmosphere. Order for sets of party plates and cups with the main Disney theme that your daughter has chosen.

Some companies provide a deluxe kit for parties, and this kit includes a lot of items such as lunch plates, cups, napkins, table covers, forks, knives, spoons, birthday banner, balloons, ribbons, and other table decorating its. Check if this kit will let you save a lot of money or if you don’t need the other items since you are renting a space for the birthday venue and the tables and chairs are all set up already.

  • Princess Birthday Cake

Do you know someone who can bake cakes? To save a lot of money on this one, just hire someone you know that can be trusted on creating beautiful and delicious cakes. Make sure to inform the person at least months before the party so that he or she will be able to prepare for its design or layout.

If you don’t know anyone who is available to bake a princess cake, search for shops that provide the service and choose the one with mid-range prices.

  • Party Decors

Who says that party decors need to be done by a professional? Anyone can actually prepare for party decors. These are the decors that you could buy or create to place in the venue or outdoors if you are organizing an outdoor princess theme party:

  • Pink and blue balloons
  • Mini star wands
  • A Huge Tarpaulin with a Disney background
  • Disney gift wraps
  • Hanging curtains
  • Princess hats


  • Party Food

Finger food for kids is very important. Cupcakes, candies, chocolates, cookies, and many other colourful treats need to be present. The main course of meals also has to kid-friendly. Most kids love chicken and pasta.

When preparing for party food, consider your budget and the number of guests your family is expecting. If you are holding a huge party, the best thing to do is to ask for a catering service, as there are a lot of them now that offer services at an affordable price. Check the food packages and find out if you could just add some more food or snacks so that guests will have a lot of options to choose from.

  • Princess Giveaways

A kiddie birthday party cannot be complete without giveaways. There are several awesome giveaway kits available online. Some of these kits include a Disney rings, click cameras, pencils, stickers, mini bubbles, and puzzle bags. You may purchase sets of these items and place them into loot bags or into metal pails. Make sure to ask your daughter to hand these loot bags to each guest after all of the fun games and eating.

  • Party Games

Craft activities are wonderful and fun party games for a princess theme party. Here are the different activities and games to facilitate or organize:

  • Colouring. Print some black and white photos of Disney princesses, and have them coloured by guests. Whoever has the most beautiful coloured princess will gain prizes.
  • Magic Wand Making. Using some sticks, ribbons, and star cut-outs, let the kids create a magic wand.
  • Find the Majesty’s Treasure. For an outdoor party, ask the kids to find the hidden gold coins and bring them to a treasure box right away.
  • Best Dressed Prince and Princess. For this game, nominate two guests who have stunning gowns and costumes. To avoid conflicts with their guardians or parents, add other rewards such as the cutest prince and princess, the most sparkly gowns, and the bravest looking prince.


  • Party Rewards

For the games, rewards are definitely expected. Pack some loot rewards such as chocolates and candies or Disney kiddie items as well such as toy mirrors, combs, pencils, rulers, and mini notebooks for females. For males, pack loots that include toy cars, mini notebooks, pencils, rulers, erasers, and toy airplanes.


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