How To Make Your Party Mexican: Mexican Party Decorations

Perhaps, one of the most exciting parts about holding a party is the decorations. There are countless party themes or party decorations to choose from. Decorations are one thing that can make or break your party. In general, it is used to liven up the party or to achieve the party theme, decorations are set accordingly.

Among one of the popular party themes is Mexican. One distinct characteristic of a Mexican party is being festive. Mexicans are known for their festivities which are colorful, lively, and vibrant. Mexican culture is generally well-loved. Also, Mexican foods are loved as well by many people. There is more to Mexican parties than there is. That is why there are many people that opt to go all-Mexican in holding their parties.

If you will be holding a Mexican-themed party, here are some Mexican party decorations ideas that you might find useful. Listed below are Mexican party decorations as well as Mexican food which will kick-off your Mexican-styled party.

Colorful sombrero

Sombreros are one of things that Mexicans are known for. Sombreros are worn by Mexicans in their festive events. Designing your parties with colorful sombreros can definitely kick it off. For birthday parties, sombreros can be used as the party hats. Also, you can require your guests to bring their own so that you can come up with different and colorful sombreros.       

Mexican bandana

One thing that can make your party Mexican one is the inclusion of colorful bandanas. You can decorate your venue with colorful bandanas. You can string up your bandanas just like the stringed decors in the usual festivals. Or, you can wore it around your neck or simply add it up with your outfit together with the sombreros.

Mexican food

Of course, there is no Mexican party that doesn’t have a table full of Mexican foods. Mexican people are proud people when it comes to their culture specifically their foods. Serve the well-loved Mexican food including the good ‘ol tacos, quesadillas, burritos and salsa and guacamole among many others.

The Mexican foods that you can include in your party will actually depend on your type of party. If this is a birthday party, you will most likely have to prepare dishes. Thus, try to include main dishes like Cinco de Mayo main dishes, Chorizo dishes, Mexican casserole, and Mexican styled dishes in general.

Otherwise, if your party is just a typical party you throw every once in a while, you can opt to serve Mexican-styled street foods. The usual Mexican finger foods will definitely do. Or if you don’t want to go too much Mexican, then just style your food like Mexican ones. For example, you can prepare Mexican-styled sandwich or Mexican-style mini burger and the likes. There are also homemade tortillas that you can try.

Mexican beverages

Your party is not Mexican if you will not include margaritas and tequila cocktails. If you and your friends are the adventurous type and you really want a party with good drinks and shots, try the many margarita recipes. Also, there are numbers of tequila mixes that you can produce to spice up your Mexican party experience.

Another thing is regardless of what beverage you want to offer, you can style it up with Mexican party decorations. For example, you can create your own Mexican soda bottles or you can design your drink wares with Mexican decors. You can put mini sombreros in your tequila shots or cocktail drinks. The secret is actually, make it look vibrant.

Mexican dessert

If you want your party to become really festive, then don’t forget to add dessert in your party menu.  Basically, Mexican foods are also suited for desert. Thus, all you need to do is prepare easy-to-prepare Mexican dessert. But if you want the usual desserts which are not Mexican in nature, just style it up. For example, you can prepare Mexican cupcakes or sweets or candies in a Mexican-styled bowl.

Moreover, when it comes to food, beverages, and desserts, you can always order foods or turn to catering services. The good thing about Mexican foods is that you will never run out of ideas about food to prepare. You can always do homemade ones. All you need to have are basic Mexican food ingredients that are readily available in your local grocery stores.

Mexican-styled table

You can liven up your Mexican party further by designing your table just like the Mexicans design theirs. First things first, Mexican tables are usually big and long ones. Mexican tables usually can accommodate as many people as it can. Thus, consider having a big one for your party. When it comes to the utensils, style it up like Mexicans’. You can also add a central masterpiece in your table. Additional skirting or decorations on the side of your table can make it look Mexican. You can do this by stringing up mini bandanas or sombreros as part of your table design.

Party piñata

For some parties, it can go boring without party activities or games. Liven up your party and organize a simple piñata game. You can fill you piñata with candies and goodies. This is best suited for birthday parties as well as fiesta or festive events. Piñata can readily be bought in party need shops. Or, you can always make your own using colorful papier-mache.

Mexican-styled invitations

A party almost always goes with invitations. Craft your party invitations with colorful styles and designs. Simply incorporate your party design in your invitations. Make it look fiesta-ish, and it will be Mexican enough. You can also add some Mexican words as part of your greetings in your invitation.

Other Mexican party decorations

There are many other Mexican party decorations that you can add in your Mexican-themed party. You can never run out of ideas when it comes to decors. You can add colorful balloons, colorful and Mexican-styled lanterns, paper decorations, flower decorations, etc.

Also, the venue should be the one primarily designed Mexican-ish. You can also add a center masterpiece for your party. For instance, you can use the balloons and paper decorations as your masterpiece in the center of your ceiling.

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