Dazzling Ideas for Your Little Girls Festivity

Once a year, there is this wonderful celebration that parents give their 100% to prepare, it is their child’s birthday. Celebrating another year with your child as they grow up is a blessing. In what way can we show them that we are grateful for coming into our lives? It is to shower them with the grandest birthday celebration we can come up to.

Whether it is their first birthday or tenth, each year should be great memory for them to remember, that is why we have come up with ideas that you can choose from. From old classic fairytale or to the newly Disney princess’s, there is for your girls birthday party theme

Princess Theme


Most girls are always fascinated about princess and castles. That is why you can never go wrong for choosing this kind of theme. There a lot of princess cartoons out there that is why we sited out the most popular one.


The newly addition on the princess world of Disney are the sisters Elsa and Anna from the movie “Frozen”. It is swooning with all pretty elements of the winter world. Snowman, snowflakes and anything that is shiny and shimmery. From cutout snowflake pattern and cookies, a winter wonderland cake, and of course the famous dress of the main characters will surely get you little girl smiling from ear to ear.


Ballerina Theme


Tiara’s, tutu’s and ballerina shoes are such cute ensembles for your dancing little girls birthday party theme. You can start off by setting a dress code that children must come in their best ballerina outfit so that it will give them a feel of dancing in their twinkle toes. You can also pattern out invitation to a ticket-like making it look like a formal dance presentation.


Tea Party Theme


Those tiny teapots, little tea cups and small platters are a sure way to tickle your little girl and her friends to play a tea party. When preparing a tea party, make sure the tea are prepared ahead of time to prevent minor burns when spilled on the child. You can serve the tea with cookies and pastries. To give it a classier look, let them wear dresses’ that are patterned from the fifties or sixties.


Beauty spa Theme


In what other way can you pamper your little girl and her friends than setting out a spa themed birthday party? You can have them wear this little robes matching a towelette on their hair, and let them be pampered by having their manicure’s and pedicure’s done. A mini-facial section would also be great to top off your girls birthday party theme.


Animal Theme


Whether you child choose zoo animals or barn animals, this kind of girls birthday party theme would let them have fun while being considerate to animals. You can go to your local zoo and sponsor a tour around for them to see the animal’s up-close. If you choose barn yard animal party, you could just hire farm animals for them to feed or pet.


Carnival Theme


A lot of games would be fun for this kind of theme. You can go endless with toss the ring games, pop that water balloon games, and a roulette game just to mention a few. Carnival food inspired would be easy to prepare such as popcorns, hotdogs, pretzels and caramel bars. If you want to go overboard, you can also hire a carousel to make their experience a blast.


Movie Theme


Get your daughters friends together for a movie inspired birthday. A projector and a white piece of cloth can be use as a substitute for the big screen found in cinemas. You can also arrange comfortable chairs for them to sit on. Prepare at least five girly movies they can choose from. Finger foods would be best served with this kind of party so as not to create a mess when the lights are off for the movie.


Pool Party Theme.


Inflatable pool for that matter, we don’t want to be causing any untoward incident on your child’s birthday. You can set up a 2-3 small inflatable pools at your backyard for a summer feel. Daddy can work up the barbeque grill once a child gets hungry. Make sure to provide beach balls, floaters and noodles.


Costume up to give you the feel of a Tiki – Luau Party. Grass skirts and knitted tops would surely give you the summer feeling. You can also prepare those refreshing drinks such as coconut juice and other fruit juice available.


Art Theme


Let the little Picasso come out in your child. This girls birthday party theme lets your child and her friends bring out the creativity in them. Provide them with art paper and a whole lot of art materials to have a nonstop gallery of art. Make sure this is done outdoor because it might cause spillage or stain in your carpet, and it is much easier to clean up after.


Jewelry Party Theme


Diamonds are girl’s best friend; this kind of theme lets your child and her friends create their own jewelries but of course made out of beads. You can pack a bag with all the tools they need for making their most unique design of accessory. The tool bag mostly includes different sizes and colors of beads, nylon threads, safety scissors, wires and wire cutter. This theme would be advisable for older children that can handle precision thread to beading process or else tantrums would be over the place.

Ideas are endless for a girls birthday party theme. Just make sure to incorporate a lot of games and prizes for them to enjoy. A great selection of food would also be enjoyable for them. Of course, one of the center pieces in any occasion is a unique themed cake as this would be the center of the attention in any party, and needless to say, the birthday celebrant should wear her dazzling customes.

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