Birthday Themes for Boys

Birthday Themes for Boys

Theme party for boys is endless. You can provide them with anything and they make good use out of it. Give them a ball and they can come up with many ideas how to play it. Same goes with their birthday; as long as their friends are there it would be a fun filled experience. There are numerous birthday theme parties for boys you called think of.

We will just mention the top ten most popular one. You can always incorporate each theme with unique details from another theme. Possibilities are endless.


One of the coolest ways to celebrate birthday themes for boys is through a nerd game. The children would absolutely enjoy fighting off each other. And I bet adults would also enjoy running around them. Provide each kid with a Nerf gun and lots of ammo. Make sure that the game area is wide enough and add up an obstacle course for a more thrilling experience.

Food wouldn’t be a problem, just prepare something to quench their thirst and feed their appetite after an exhausting Nerf battle. Costumes wouldn’t be necessary but buying each one of your guest a need gun is kind of pricey. But you would do anything for your little boy even though sometimes, it puts a hole in your pocket.


Basically, a pirate theme party is chosen by kid’s ages 5-7 years old. What is to be seen in this kind of party are mostly wrecked ship made out of boxes, improvised pirates hooks, patch eye and make believe body of water or situated in an island where in the excitement of this theme comes in.

You can base the games on finding the lost treasure and the mysteries that goes with it. They mimic pirates of the olden times such as one-eyed pirate, wooden foot pirate and the star of the party the celebrant goes for the captain hook, and don’t forget the ever famous green parrot on his shoulder. Selection of food wouldn’t be hard as long as you relate it to any pirate like item.

Basketball party theme

Shoot some hoops. Boys love basketball that’s why you cannot go wrong with this kind of birthday themes for boys. Starting out by sending out invites like a ticket to an NBA game. Of course, what game would you sponsor nothing else than any shooting game, from basketball ring, to large cups and many more. You would like to set them in teams as to promote teamwork and cooperation. Then what else would be a great price than a trophy. A cake shaped in a ring or a ball would surely draw the crowd.


The world of blocks have been a fascination to children. That is why this theme brings out the creativity in your kids of building endless blocks of any design. You might want to get a big pool of Lego blocks as not to scatter them around. You can provide Lego design loot bags, Lego pin the head game, a centerpiece made out of Lego and of course, a cake with Lego theme. Dressing up with two-toned color would also be nice to complete the theme.


It is deeply influenced by the old west. The party focuses on battles between cowboys and Indians thus the costumes are off base on these. Cowboy hats, cardboard horses, tipis, Indian headdresses and the infamous bonfire. Present are toy revolvers bow and arrow and spear. Gongs and drums are played for Indians and piano inside the saloon are for cowboys. You can play the popular game pin the horse’s tail. Cowboys can wear hats, vest, and boots. While for the Indian a brown printed top would do the trick.



Inspired by the tropical region, Hawaii. Influenced b the Samoan culture, floral top, flowers are loomed as corsage and headdresses. You can serve tropical drinks on coconut shells and pineapple hollowed out and turns into cups. Boys can have made believe fire dances using makeshift poi balls. Beach food should be serving such as barbeque and hotdogs hot off the grill. Desserts made out of gelatin and shaped as sea creature, you can do this by using a mold. You can also serve fruit kebab, make sure the selection of foods is colorful to be an attractive sight to guest.


There are lots to choose from with this kind of theme. It depends on the preference of the child on what cartoon he would prefer. May it be classic, like Aladdin or the popular Minions. It is generally colorful in nature. At times, it is accompanied by mascots and or a magical show. Making sure the children would have a feel of the real deal. The cake would be shaped upon the character as well as the cupcakes. The musical soundtrack would be played throughout the party. Just always incorporate items related add up on your design.


Extravagant costumes paired with their super powers of the chosen superhero is the focal point of this theme. The twist of the party is that there faces are concealed from the mask of their superhero costume. Kids will show off their supernatural powers through their actions in self-made sounds to depict their character. Preparing food that is based on the characters supernatural ability is a great way to entice the children such as bread design to look likes a brick or steel.


Ready set go! Car enthusiast’s children would adore this kind of party. Let them suit up with race car driver customers and if you are feeling a little edgy you could provide helmets also. Checkered black and whites are good border designs. Traffic lights made out of cartoon would also give a nice touch. Car racing themed cupcakes will be a go to treat.

Billiards and Bowling theme

What a cool way to celebrate your boys birthday party then let them have a fun on their own. You can go to your nearest recreation center and rent out the place for at least 2 hours or so. You would also like to talk to the manager on how the terms would be, are there guest limit, will the fee cover food, and are you allowed bringing in food? Make sure a designated transportation accompanied by an adult is strictly followed. Now you have a wonderful selection of Birthday Themes for Boys.


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