8 Steps Of Planning A Party And 50th Birthday Party Decorations

50th Birthday Party Decorations

Holding birthday parties requires flowing of ideas, early planning, and effective execution among others. The process of holding birthday parties starts with planning which includes choosing themes, drafting a program, deciding budget, etc. The planning process is important because it can actually determine the success of the party. The extent of planning a birthday party depends on what type of party is to be hold. For instance, if you are to hold a 50th birthday party celebration, it can be significantly different to holding a 30th birthday party.

A 50th birthday is definitely a milestone. That’s why many people who hold a 50th birthday celebration gives much time and effort in planning and executing because this kind of event should really come special. 50th birthday party decorations are never taken for granted. This goes same for the theme of the party and almost every detail in general.

How To Plan A 50th Birthday Party?

  1. Assess your budget.


First things first, know your budget. Assessing your budget first will allow you to know your limit when planning further. This will save you from future regrets of not being able to execute a certain idea. Also, it will save you much time. If you already know your budget, you will have an idea in my mind of which certain band, design, catering service, cake, and program paraphernalia you can afford.


  1. Choose a theme.

After determining your budget, you can now pick a theme for your party. There are plenty of ideas for 50th birthday themes or 50th birthday party decorations. The usual theme for this kind of birthday celebration is a ‘golden party’ because a 50th birthday signifies a golden milestone.

  1. Decide on the date and venue.

Since you already know your party budget and have already decided for the theme, it is now time to decide on the date and venue. The date is not big of a problem since most birthday parties are celebrated on the birth date of the celebrant. Otherwise, will you call it his or her birthday? But not all cases are like this. Some people don’t mind celebrating their birthday on other dates for certain reasons. If that is the case, decide on the date that will best suit your party. Take consideration of the availability of your guests.

When it comes to choosing venue, take into consideration the decided theme. The venue should complement your theme. Make sure that you will be able to incorporate your 50th birthday party decorations on your chosen venue.  Other considerations when it comes to venue are the distance as well as the price. Where will your guests come from? Are there wide parking spaces? How much will it cost? You don’t want to spend too much on the venue and be left with little for decorations and other party fees.

  1. Decide on your guests list.


Some people want to celebrate their birthdays with just their close friends and loved ones. Some on the other hand, don’t mind having the crowd of friends, even acquaintances with them.  If guests are one of your big considerations, you must decide on it earlier, so you can plan freely other things to include in your party.


  1. Decide on the foods, and beverages. And also, the cake!


A 50th birthday celebration is golden. Planning the foods and beverages can be synchronized with the party theme. Or, it can be the birthday celebrant choice. Take also into consideration your guests. Will there be vegetarians from your guest lists? Make sure you can have options for your invited guests with food considerations like those allergic to certain kind of foods.


For the beverages, decide on whether you will be allowing hard drinks in your party. It will be more convenient to have a bar included in the venue or you may opt to choose a catering service that will provide you wide good choices when it comes to beverages.   Take into consideration that your party is a 50th birthday celebration.


Planning the cake is another thing. You can opt to bake your own cake or order from cake or pastry shops. Your design can also be included in the cake.


  1. Decide on the utensils and necessary decorations.

Since you have already decided on the theme, choosing the right utensils and the table settings will be easy. Also, you can conveniently negotiate it with the catering service. Your 50th birthday party decorations are better be included in setting the tables and foods.

  1. Create a calendar for your party tasks.


Part of planning your party is deciding on the time when you will arrange the actual decorations of your party. You will have to meet with your party supply suppliers especially if you have a very detailed designs or things you want them to accomplish. Make a to-do list and make sure you will be able to follow and execute it.


  1. Prepare pre-party equipment and invitations.


Invitations are one thing that you should not forget. Decide whether you will be sending invitations. Since a 50th birthday is a milestone, you might as well send invitations engraved with your chosen theme or incorporated with your 50th birthday party decorations. Otherwise, if you think it will be unnecessary, then don’t forget to give your intended guests a call or notification about your party.


Party equipment should also be prepared at hand. Equipment such as audio and sound equipment must be checked first. You don’t want to experience technicalities in the actual party, so might as well prepare it beforehand. If you will be renting equipment, make sure to run testing of the equipment first. Or ensure that the service will cover such inevitable technicalities.

The extent of planning a party definitely depends on your kind of party. But with an effective and comprehensive planning, there’s no need to worry for the success of party. If you run out of party ideas, brainstorming with friends or the birthday celebrant can help you a lot. It is also useful to do some research.  




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