3rd Birthday Party Ideas

3rd Birthday Party Ideas

Is your child’s 3rd birthday coming up? Are you prepared already? Or are you still looking for ideas that you might do in his birthday party? Actually, there are many ideas to choose from, but there are just a few things that you need to consider before coming up with the good birthday party for your son or daughter.

What to Consider When Preparing for a Birthday Party

As mentioned, there are things that you should consider when preparing for the birthday party of your child. Here are some of the important things that you need to think of:

  1. The first thing that you should consider when deciding for your child’s birthday is, of course, the budget that you have allotted for the party. There would not be a party if you do not have a budget. Therefore, budget is very important.
  2. Another thing that you need to think of is what style of eating do you want, whether it is buffet or not. Food is one of the important things that you need to prepare in a party so you need to think about this.
  3. Consider also the age of your child. Since he is turning 3, you should have a party that is just right for kids of his age. Do have a party that is right for you, but instead have something that is appropriate for him.
  4. You should also know the preferences of your child. The party is not about you so the theme and food of the party should not only be according to your taste but also according to the taste of your child.
  5. Lastly, also know the theme of the party you want the birthday to have. So do you already have the choices of the themes for the birthday party?

3rd Birthday Party Ideas

Food for the 3rd Birthday Party

If you are not decided yet on the food yet for the birthday party, you might want to have the food to be small and simple. When in a kid’s birthday party, kids do not usually stay in one place so giving them food that they cannot carry is not really a good idea. It is better if you would give them something that they can bring and easy to eat so when they have decided to play and enjoy the party, it would not be hard for them.

Furthermore, when deciding for the food, it would also be nice if you would not give kids that would make them very messy when they eat so that it would not be hard for the parents to clean their children. Aside from thinking of the practicality, do not forget to consider the food itself. Make sure that the food you prepare would be something that children and parents, who would attend the party, will like. You do not want your food to be rejected by your guests.


If you have no choices or options yet for the themes, then read on and I will be suggesting some 3rd birthday party ides:

  1. Under the Sea theme


If your child is a girl, she can be the mermaid princess like Disney’s Ariel, while the guests can be other mermaids or sea creatures. If your child is a fan of under the sea theme, they would surely enjoy this kind of party.


If your child is a boy, he can be the prince of the sea. Or he can be any creature that he wants, wherever his imagination can take him.


  1. Minions or Despicable Me Theme


Since minions are really in today and kids really love the cuteness of minions, you can add this to the 3rd birthday party ideas that you are choosing from. You can have minion cakes or even mascots.


  1. Super Hero theme


Super heroes are never out of style when it comes to themed party. Kids love super heroes, sometimes they even pretend to be one. It is a good idea if you make their dreams come true by making them the super hero they want to be on their birthday.


  1. Dinosaur Theme


This party would be a really good party. Imagine, there would be mini dinosaurs partying with you and your child? Your child will surely like this.


  1. Tea Party theme


If your little girl is simple but classy, you might want to give her a tea party themed birthday. Make the motif be your child’s favorite color, or have something in pastel. Also, do not forget to include cakes and other food that your child loves and the other kids will also love.


  1. Harry Potter Theme


If you have introduced Harry Potter to your child, they would surely love to wear robes and have their own wands. Add some things that are from Harry Potter like some flying brooms, magic tricks, or even butter beer. Your kid will definitely never forget their birthday party.


  1. Spa Party


If you have a girl, you can give her a little spa party. She will surely like to have this party with her friends. She will not only enjoy herself but also, she is going to be relaxed and energized after the party. Furthermore, this is somewhat a unique party to have for a kid.

Additional 3rd Birthday Party Ideas

Aside from the theme of the party, you might want to add other things to your child’s birthday party. You may add some small booths like face painting, magic booth, loot bags booth, bubble booth, and the like. These booths will add fun to the party and will even make children enjoy more of the party. They may even bring something home that would make them remember the party.

You may also hire clowns or other source of entertainment for kids if you want or puppet shows according to the theme of the party. Those 3rd birthday party ideas are just suggestions, the decision would still be up to you as long as you are sure that the party would be enjoyed by your child.

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