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Horse Paintings: The Majestic Equine on Canvas

Horse Paintings: The Majestic Equine on Canvas

Is there such a thing as a perfect horse? The question is pretty straightforward but it is at the same time morally difficult. The answer actually depends on your motivation for wanting to create horse paintings.

Equines are magnificent creatures and their contribution to human civilization is without doubt tremendous. It is even said that humans began to establish formal civilizations some time after they learned how to domesticate animals for food and work. Like all other animals, we human beings have undergone phases in our own evolution. Evolution, however, is not confined to physical or physiological characteristics. For more advanced animals such as human beings, a crucial step in our evolution is the realization that we have the capability to dominate smaller creatures. Our intellect makes this possible.

Interestingly, this mental aspect is present in other animals although manifested in different forms. While human beings are the most advanced among evolved organisms, we are not the only ones capable of social interaction. Equines are highly social animals and members of the herd are known to follow the visual and motion cue of a purported leader.

Choosing the Perfect Horse Paintings

An understanding of this behavioral characteristic is important in the light of recent findings that horses are actually more intelligent than earlier conceived. Studies seem to suggest that these animals are actually capable of building emotional bonds with humans. A horse, therefore, is not just any animal once the owner has established its confidence. It then becomes a loyal and faithful companion who will obey its master’s bidding and will not have qualms about risking its own safety in favor of its master.

The ability to establish a personal bond with horse paintings is a phenomenon many painters find puzzling. The traditional presumption is that animals are capable only of instinctive response, not cognition. While their behavior may be altered, the assumption is that they are doing so because it gives them the best option to survive.

The Basics of Oil Artworks

When you have decided to create oil horse paintings, there could be a lot of things that you have to understand especially the five basics of it. There are five basic things that you need to consider when making paintings with oil and all of them are very important and crucial with the masterpiece that you will create.

Those five basics are:

  • Composition
  • Color
  • Values
  • Texture
  • Edges

The composition is on how you are going to put your ideas together in one masterpiece. There should be a good arrangement on the lines, forms, values, and other things needed on the horse painting that you are making. It is very important that you will make a composition beforehand especially in the part of deciding the main focus of it.

Blending Hues in Your Oil Painting

The color is the life of your painting and this is what makes it alive. There should be a harmony on the different colors that you are going to use and all of them should blend together.  Aside from those, there come the values, texture, and the edges. The values is also referred to some as the depth of your artwork which means that it would be the one to create dimension that you need to make your painting look real. The texture is the quality of your painting from outside. It is up to you to decide if you want it to be soft or rough and this is also the same on deciding with the edges.

Tips to Make Your Oil Painting Come Alive

Dealing with oil paints could be one of the most challenging parts for your horse paintings and it is very important that you will have enough knowledge on the basic usage of it. It could give problems on the quality and durability of your painting if you are not aware of what you’re dealing with.

When you are beginning with your paintings, the first thing that you have to do is to prepare all the materials needed. Start with buying your oil paints, the canvass, the brush and the palette. If this is your first time doing or making a horse painting, then you should know that there are also some basic colors that you can consider like red, yellow, blue, black and white. Make sure that everything is set before you begin as oil paints could easily get dried once it has been left for moment though you can use oil thinners to make them useful once again.

After preparing all the materials, it is now the time for you to start with your painting. A rough sketch of a horse or group of horse would be ideal for you, as it could be your guideline for the painting that you want to create. You can use pencil or a chalk in doing sketches in your canvass and form the possible design or image in your mind. Next is for you to mix your paints, and start with your masterpiece. Finish it and make sure that it is clean enough.

Why Many Painters are Enticed with Horses

Equines are unique because leadership is not established by mere dominance. Members do not obey out of fear or threat. This makes them more coordinated in terms of movement and response. This coordination helps them in many situations, such as when avoiding or repelling situations that put the herd in danger. This also makes the leader’s position in the herd more stable and consistent.

Capturing this idea in an artwork is not as easy as it seems. Although the painter might have enough talent to create a majestic piece, art connoisseurs and collectors look for something else other than the talent of sketching – they also need to be connected with the artwork in a way that only a true art lover will understand.

Horse paintings might be a common piece to most people, but capturing the essence of equines in paint is something no ordinary painter can do – those who succeed in this endeavor have established deep respect and value for the majestic beast.


A Beginner’s Guide in Buying Oil Paintings for Sale

A Beginner’s Guide in Buying Oil Paintings for Sale

Even though there are some people who will prefer digital art nowadays, there are still some that will value and consider the art of oil paintings. The oil paintings are being created by many artists out there and are currently being sold all over the world, some could be cheap but most are expensive. Many people will surely think that oil paintings could be one of the most impressive art pieces in the world right now and they are purchasing this as a sort of decorations in their homes.

There are different images that most of the painters creates out of their canvasses and it was actually believed that the first oil painting has been made during 5th to 10th century in Afghanistan. Since then, there is already a lot of people who have become interested in the beauty of it and become popular as it passes on the West culture. Because there are different advantages that you would be able to enjoy from oil paintings, it become a common choice of many consumers.

Discover the world of Oil Paintings for Sale

However, if you are someone who are looking for oil paintings for sale, it will be more ideal for you to be guided in the purchase you are going to make. In this guide, you can get started on that. Feel free to read more information below.

How to Know If it is made with Oil?

Even before you buy oil paintings for sale, it is important for you to determine if it is really done with oil. There are different kinds of paintings that are available in the market and you have to be assured on what you will purchase. When making oil paintings, most of the artists will make use of the pigments that could dry up with oil like the safflower and linseed. It is very hard to identify the different type of paint that has been used once it dries.

The oil and acrylic are the most common that could be really hard to identify and you need to be careful in the one you are planning to purchase. When you are checking a painting, there are only some simple things that you have to look for which are the following below:

  • Cracking – most of the oil paintings will come with number of cracks throughout the whole piece of it, especially as it becomes older. On the other hand, the acrylic ones will not cracks as time passes by and looks more rubbery in texture.
  • Texture – the main texture of the painting could greatly help you in the painting you will buy. This could be one of the first things you have to check because the acrylic paints would be able to make smoother strokes and almost glossy while the oil comes with better texture.
  • Canvas – it is very common for oil paintings to use untreated canvas. If the canvas is primed, you can expect that it could affect the lines and texture of an art made with oil so many artist will simply avoid this to create smoother paintings.
  • Smell – it is no secret that the acrylic  paint could not have any smell that you can quickly recognize but it may actually took a number of years before an oil painting loses its odor.

Different Things to Consider in Buying Oil Paintings

To be more assured on the oil paintings for sale that you are planning to purchase, it is very important for you to do more researches before anything else. The internet could be wide source of information and you can make use of this in searching the name of the artist to have a better overview on the value of the oil painting especially as you check the professional feedback of other consumers.

If the artist is receiving a number of good feedbacks on the internet, then that could be a good sign that the value of their oil paintings are great and you have to be prepared on the investment you will have. But, aside from doing researches, there are some other things that you have to consider which could greatly help you in buying the right oil paintings for sale on the market.

Some of the things you need to consider are the following below:

  • Theme – it is very important for the buyers to check the theme of the oil paintings for sale they are planning to purchase. This could help you to be assured that it could complement the decors and style that you are trying to achieve in your room. One example is that, the vintage theme would not be suitable to be used in girl’s room with many Hello Kitty stuffs. You can look for flowers that could be a perfect fit for the color of the room.
  • Lighting – if the painting comes with bright colors, it could be perfect with the rooms that comes with natural lightings. But, if the painting used dark and mute colors, it could need artificial lighting to get better attention on the room.
  • The Color of the Wall –the painting that have some earth tones would be able to complement the walls with natural colors like brown and green. When you have light or white colored wall, the oil paintings that have bright and pastel colors could easily stand out from it.
  • Frame – the frame of the painting is part of it. There are rooms that comes with modern styles that could be better with frameless or contemporary frames. So, it will be more ideal for you to do researches on the kind of frame that would complement the painting as well as the walls of your room.

Buying oil paintings could be a good choice to consider in the house especially that it could add up some great decorations and vibes in the house. If the painting could complement the style you are making, then that could be a better investment that you will surely enjoy. You can go and shop for the best oil painting for you!

Different Beach Paintings to Transform your House

Different Beach Paintings to Transform your House

Have you been wondering how you can transform your house to make it elegant and at the same time relaxing? This is one of the goals of many household owners, and you can accomplish it just like others without spending a lot of money or time and effort.

A house is one of the most important things that individuals and families could have in their lives. The experience of acquiring a home is priceless, as it is a private property that one can endevour in and create decorations in any way possible.

If you have a great inclination to art and nature, it is best to demonstrate it in your house through beach paintings. Beach sceneries are in wide array in social networking sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

A lot of people love to go to famous beaches in the world such as Maldives, Hawaii, Bali, Phuket, etc. Make these beach sceneries accessible to your house to serve as inspirations to your family members. These sceneries will create a lot of peace and harmony in the house, and you get to enjoy beautiful sceneries without the need to jump into the boat and spend some dollars with costly hotels or restaurants.

Different Types of Beach Paintings

What are the most beautiful beach scenery paintings to hang on your living room or bedroom? Here are some types of paintings that you could enjoy staring for a long time. These paintings could also be utilized in patios or backyards if you have a deck for sunbathing or for other outdoor activities such as barbeque parties or candlelight dinner.

  • Colourful Sunset Over Sombrero Beach

Sunset is one of the most beautiful images of nature. It shows fiery and dark colours, but it peacefully brings one into a relaxed and cool tone or mood because it harmonizes with the blue waters. It will be a great painting to have in an apartment building that is surrounded with other structures.

  • Full Moon Over the Sea

Having this magnificent view is extraordinary. It doesn’t occur to experience such a view every now and then, and capturing it through painting will make it accessible for everyone. A full moon over the sea just shows how a plain moon can enlighten a dark night.

  • Beach and Surf

If you prefer to see life in the beach, it can be done easily by getting a painting that shows surfing. This activity is quite challenging but enjoying. Many people are willing to ride with the waves freely with their surf boards. Let this type of painting reminds you to trust with your guts and ride with life comfortably and stress-free.

  • Colourful Boats on the Sea

Do you want to add colour to your plain house? If your wall has neutral colour so your house could be bigger, create some highlights or accents by adding a painting of colourful boats on the sea. This will effortlessly give life to your house. Everyone would love to see colourful boats in a house as it spells of freedom and romanticism.

  • Sunset Bay

A beautiful sunset bay never fails to captivate a lot of people. If you long for the beautiful sunset bay that you have seen in a beach before, opt for a painting with this scenery. It shows how an image could transform moods and invite some memories. With this painting, the focus is mostly on the bay with some backgrounds like shadows of people strolling in the sea or holding hands together. Backgrounds could also be trees or chairs that front the beach area and the sunset.

  • Cotton Candy Sunrise

Clouds are amazing features of the sky. With sunrise on it, it could be a perfect picture of a white cotton candy that spreads easily into the sky. It is a wonderful creation that can be only made by man through paintings, so make the most of it. When your house is located in the countryside, it will be a perfect complement. When your apartment is in a high-rise building, it will also be a great fixture to have.

  • Tropical Lagoon Waters

Aiming for lagoon waters to take you back to nature? Paintings of tropical lagoon waters will definitely remind you and everyone else into your house that nature has the best scenes for everything. Take this into your house and you will forever be thankful by how nature creatively shows the beauty of earth. The lagoon waters create a relaxing and friendly mood into your house.

How to Create Beach Scenery Paintings

Do you want to create your own painting to display in your house? This is also possible with a lot of inspirations to choose from. Using a canvas, you can create the best paintings that can show to your family or friends. You can even make money from them as a lot of people want to buy different paintings in these recent times.

How to begin and end in painting? Here are some do-it-yourself ideas to take note of.

  • Painting the sky

The sky is one of the most important elements in beach sceneries. Create a horizon line between the sky and the water. If you want to put emphasis on the sky, create a lower horizon line on the canvas.

  • Painting the water

When painting the water part, use the colours you have utilized with the sky part. Just make the colours in the water darker, and apply the colours horizontally.

  • Painting the beach

The beach part is the sand where it meets the water. Some earth or brown colours are needed, and it is very important to decrease the colour of the water where it meets the sand to create a reflective effect.

  • Creating some waves, rocks, and other final touches

To make the beach dramatic or romantic, add some waves into it. Put some rocks on the sand or on some corners as well. Dabbing some spots of white on the waves could create drama and motion.


The Popularity of African Paintings

The Popularity of African Paintings

Paintings have been a part of lives of many societies, especially African Paintings. They are works of art filled with different emotions such as passion, wonder, admiration, comfort, and protection.

What types of paintings are most popular in these recent times? African-influenced paintings are considered as one of the most popular. They have a lot of meanings to owners. They create certain themes in homes that are not common or usual. The most popular African Paintings express an entire culture waiting to be explored.

Here are the things that most African-influenced paintings express.

  • Individuality

Many people who own these types of paintings express individuality in their personality. They prefer to be unique or different from others. They have their own style as well as ideas. They believe in having distinctiveness or individuality as very important in a crowd to stand out.

  • Creativity

Paintings with African themes are not quite easy to imagine, but painters exactly know how to use their imaginations to show African themes in the most artistic and creative way possible. This could be in the form of colours or structures that are expertly executed to produce a powerful work of art.

  • Luxury

A lot of expensive homes and apartments own African-influenced paintings. They always indicate luxury or lavishness. When combined with other pieces such as zebra-style rug or African sculptures, a home will definitely have one of the most sophisticated and luxurious appearances.

Pablo Picasso’s African-Influenced Paintings

African art started hundreds of years ago. Its influence had spread in Europe and other continents as countries such as France had its empire discovering other territories or continents. With this part of history, Pablo Picasso became one of the instruments in developing African art through paintings.

Pablo Picasso was one of the most famous and influential painters and artists in history. He left a legacy that could not be surpassed by any other artist in terms of numbers of paintings, sculptures, drawings, etc.

Some of his paintings had African influence. This was in early twentieth century or the time when the French empire was extending its power into the Sub-Saharan Africa. Picasso was inspired with African art in a museum, and so he created the famous Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. Other popular African art paintings he had made include Mother and Child, Nude with Raised Arms, and Three Women.

These paintings had some cubist techniques, but they showcased a lot of emotions to people. With different colours and cubic shapes, the paintings made their mark in the world history until now.

Styles of Modern African Paintings

There are a lot of African-influenced paintings in these recent times. Some are sold online, while others are showcased in art galleries in different countries. These paintings are purchased mostly by individuals residing in high-rise buildings or flats. They are also placed on walls with high ceilings.

What are the different styles of modern African art and paintings? Here are the styles that are mostly captured and shown in African painting collections.

  • Abstract Art

African abstract paintings are in wide array in these modern times. They are a combination of different shapes and colours to form figures of humans or other characters such as masks, trees, etc. They are great to place at homes as well as in offices. Many huge buildings have African abstract paintings placed in lounge areas to add a touch of extraordinary glamour and beauty.

  • Colourful Works

When one hears of a modern African painting gallery, one has to expect lots of colours on them. Most of these paintings are richly toned. One can find striking colours of red, orange, and blue mixed with some dark linings. Others have earth tones but still appear very striking and attractive.

  • Human Images

Most paintings have dark-faced images but with colourful clothing. Some of the faces are designed with huge earrings. Most of the human images portrayed show a lot of women with their heads lifted up high to show pride and sophistication.

  • African Masks

An African art gallery cannot be complete without African masks paintings. These paintings demonstrate the colourful culture of Africa. Most of these masks paintings have either long or round structures. They are also integrated with cubist painting style.

Most Famous African-Art Paintings

Here are the best and most famous paintings that showcase African art at its finest. These paintings are created by famous artists from different parts of the world. All of these paintings have wonderful meanings that can only be understood by the human heart.

  • ‘Women’

This is an oil painting with traditional African style of art. The artist, Nicholas Nana Kowalski, created ‘Women’ to highlight the importance of connecting to others or building relationships no matter what their differences are.

  • ‘In Market’

This was created by Jeff Wambugu. It essentially shows a busy market street scene where some fruits are piled in a wooden cart. The scene is a slice of life that most people witness but sometimes forget to appreciate. With this painting, people get to realize simple things can also become special if they add meaning to them.

  • ‘Woman in Kitenge’

This painting is all about a woman who is in deep thought. It was created by Jimnah Kimani, the painter has shown tremendous creativeness in layering bright colours. The painting also showed a woman’s face with a soft or tender personality through her eyes.

  • ‘Healing of Abiku Children’

The traditions of an old civilization are shown in this painting. The painting has mostly earth tones or colours. It is believed to be influenced by Yoruba mythology as well. When one looks at it, there is a story that could be formed with it. This story could be about just healing or it could more of faith, trust, or confidence in humans and in the spirit.

  • ‘To Listen To Reason’

This was created by Mary Ogambo of Kenya. The painter is known for creating works of art that depict the beauty of women. In this painting, it shows a balance of hues of green, brown, and orange. These hues speak of calmness, stability, and vitality.

How to Distinguish Modern Paintings

How to Distinguish Modern Paintings

Art is one form of expression that continues to amaze humans. It is created with so much passion or emotions. Many people create paintings to express what they think and feel inside.

Paintings have different types though. One of the most famous is the modern art paintings. These can be seen in museums or art galleries in many countries. In fact, almost every country takes pride of their own modern paintings.

The Difference Between Modern Paintings and Contemporary Art

Before going further to modern art paintings, we have to distinguish its difference with contemporary art. The latter composed of art pieces that have just been created recently. These paintings could show images from the past as well, but this could just extend way back to the World War II period.

Modern Art, on the other hand, started to emerge in the late 19th century. This could be estimated to be at 1855 or years before it. Modern art was fully developed by the realists, romantics, and impressionists. It was also developed during the Age of Enlightenment.

Vincent Van Gogh – The Trailblazer of Modern Art

If there is one person in history that could be easily connected to modern art to distinguish it further from other art styles, it would definitely be none other than Vincent van Gogh. He was a Dutch post-impressionist painter, and his works of art included paintings of sunflowers, wheat fields, portraits, landscapes, and many others.

Along with Pablo Picasso, van Gogh’s paintings were some of the most expensive in the world. Some of these paintings were sold for a hundred million dollars (if valued currently). These paintings included Portrait of Joseph Roulin, Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear, and A Wheatfield with Cypresses.

Famous Modern Art Paintings

Most people still use modern and contemporary art terms interchangeably, and there is nothing so alarming with it. Paintings, as well as art, have gathered influences from different periods so they become unified in some ways. Seeing different paintings also gives individuals an experience of travelling through time and seeing some similarities as well as differences in some areas. This helps people relate to the past as well as to other societies or cultures.

Here are the famous paintings that everyone may use as an inspiration when one wants to be a well-known painter in the future. These are mostly with impressionist styles.

  • Plum Trees in Blossom by Claude Monet
  • Before the Performance by Edgar Degas
  • Le Pont de L’Europe by Camille Pissaro
  • The Cliff at Fecamp by Claude Monet
  • Still Life with Pears by Paul Cezanne

Meanwhile, the titles of paintings below showcase the Romanticism era of painting.

  • Winter Landscape by Caspar David Friedrich
  • The Raft of the Medusa by Theodore Gericault
  • The Slave Ship by JMW Turner
  • The Third of May by Francisco Goya
  • Mary Magdalene Grieving over the Body of Christ by Arnold Bocklin


Modern Paintings as Decorations in Houses

In these recent times, paintings are mainly used as decorations in houses, especially in living rooms. Modern living room art designs are incorporated in interior decorations of a house or apartment. Living room paintings become a necessity for modern houses and they usually serve as reflections of the house owner’s characteristics or tastes.

Living room paintings also add elegance and glamour. For individuals who love minimalist designs, they could do well in just having neutral coloured furniture. They can then add some drama or colour into their space by adding a modern painting.

Here are different types of living room paintings to choose from. They can be bought online or in some art galleries in shopping malls or stores. Some are created as solo frames only, while the most modern ones are created with different panels or pieces. These panels of paintings are shaped either equally when they are in two pieces, or they are shaped unequally when they are made or three or more pieces.

  • Morning Luster

This has a scenery of the sunrise peeking though some colourful background of trees. The shades of orange, red, brown, and light green are mostly shown in the painting so it could really brighten a living room or a bedroom.

  • Forest of Beach Trees

This painting has some long trees standing on a spring-like season. it has some green leaves on some branches, but the long trunks of trees are surrounded by light orange hues of leaves. The painting carries techniques of showing different sides of an image.

  • A Sense of Space

This is a great frame to add in a living room, especially one with a small space. It shows an image of a tree on the side, and a relaxing view of land on the most part of it. The leaves are coloured orange, and a few of them fall gracefully into the sand.

  • Golden Forest Abstract Painting

This is made of three pieces that blend with each other perfectly. It doesn’t have a frame so it could easily connect to each other. It shows a very beautiful view of a park surrounded by trees. It also shows a path that implies one to move forward and discover the beauty of life.

  • Four Piece Green Canvas Decorative Oil Paintings

For a relaxing view, four pieces of oil paintings are created to form a canvas of a beautiful white flower with a green background. The four pieces of paintings are of different sizes to showcase an element of modernization and beauty.

  • No Frame Living Room Wall Paint Art Deco

This is an ecstatic view that could be placed in a dining area. It shows an artwork of a cup of coffee with some coffee beans spread on the outside and a heart-shaped tree on the middle of them. This comprises of two panels to show partnership and equality. The shape of the panels is rectangular.

  • Three Piece Modern Abstract Living Room Wall Art

This abstract painting comprises of three panels. The abstract is made of earth tones, so the painting easily blends with white, gray, or cream wall backgrounds.