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Reflecting on the Deeper Beauty of the Decorative Glass

The ABCs of Putting Up Decorative Glasses

Purchasing for decorative glasses in your home is one of the best interest-keepers. Most especially for the home-buddies, purchasing for boxes of decorative glass and installing them manually on your own can be very rewarding. The thing is that when you see you home getting the right kind of light and color after a whole day’s effort repays you with so much life.  Though a dull house does not necessarily indicate a colorless house. No. As you can see, even glass houses can be much fun to live in to. The idea with colors is a ship sailed.

Now, “how do you really maintain life in your home” must be the best question so far. The act of decorating walls and windows in your home with colors and themes elaborates a whole sensation of achievement, power and mere satisfaction. Whilst, you do not have to put in so many colors or even monochromatic colors on the other hand. What you  have to do is to arrive on a theme. A theme results after you have gathered your emotions, thoughts, creativity sparks and your motivations for expression.  If you ask interior design critics all over, you will be  surprised to end up with all favors over a decorative glass.

Decorative Glass at its Finest

For one common fact, the transparent color is easy to re-calibrate. By the texture of the glass’ ready-to-be-put with designs, one can say that it is indeed a practical element for design. Designing the glass or  even buying a decorative glass in that sense should not be done carelessly. There is a strong caution to this. Albeit, the high priority with glass is the safety. But even before accommodating that interest in you, you must have already considered the kind of home you are living.

Is this a home for the entire family? Is this a home for the solo/single dweller? If it is a family home, what is the family’ disposition towards glasses. Are there kids involved? What temperaments do they project? Can the children’s disposition to glasses inside the home intensify the volatile nature of the decorative glass? Without a doubt, glasses can be highly risky.

Enter into the Magic World of Glasses

These are just a few of the questions which you have to deal with even before you jump into deciding the colors, designs, themes, etc. As an interior designer, it is your main job to do so. It does not mean that because you are an interior designer, you should just go on putting all these decorative stuffs all over the place. You need to have discretion on this area. Perhaps, you can discuss this with an associate, a partner or even your wife/husband.

The best areas in the home for glass decorations are:

  • living room
  • kitchen, bedroom (doors & windows)
  • dining room (tables & chairs)
  • porches
  • patios

On the other hand, here are the danger zones for putting up decorative glasses:

  • bathroom
  • garage
  • washing area

Without a doubt, noting the vulnerability of these place can be strong  motions for further prevention of danger, risks and unprecedented harm.

The decorative glass comes in many arrives. The Vinyl Happy Glass Corporation in New Jersey presents its 10 top-selling decorative glasses. At the same time, the designers of the famous local home partner store add some bits and pieces of their personal favorites.

Here they are:

  1. Curious Curves. The curious curves is currently the most popular glass design offered at every glass store in the U.S. You will know this kind of design with the drawing of acanthus leaves on the surface of the glass. The nominal putting of these leave coloring adds so much elegance on the glass that when you install it at home, partnered with the glowing chandeliers bulbs, the area would instantly transform into a palace.


Perhaps the laid-back arrive of the design, or the dart red colors dabbed on the edges of the glass, or the Greek suggestions of the acanthus leaves total to a whole new royal signature. More or less, the definitive arrive of the curious curves glass design talks a lot of it over.


  1. Happy Paradise. The silhouette-type painting of earthen spirits in the form of bilateral curves in the middle provokes a sense of magic in your home. Now, this is much highly appreciated if you have children in the home. It would be so tantalizing that your kids will literally be staring at the glass door for long periods. What makes this design even more magical is the unity of the artworks, colors and hues with the glass.


It is as if you are staring into a scene outside of your home through the glass. Hence, this design package is also known as the Through-the-looking-glass design. Furthermore, the figures in the glass are carved in the sense that they are within it when they are actually not. Glass carving in this part of town has become very influential. Originally started by Holmes McCormick in 2000, everyone is following it now.


  1. Formal Glass. The formal glass is without color. It more or less holds a close to office tone. Even with its lack of color and curves, it is not sullen. The 50 x 60 frame length of the glass can fit being a sliding glass door for your patio, kitchen, bedroom divider, office and kitchen. The glass frame yields a firm hold of the glass. Its aluminum surrounds are perfect for sliding door attachments.

Reflections on a Glass

Restating the fact: “The act of decorating walls and windows in your home with colors and themes elaborates a whole sensation of achievement, power and mere satisfaction. Whilst, you do not have to put in so many colors or even monochromatic colors on the other hand. What you  have to do is to arrive on a theme”.

Thus, if you look at it closely, you will be surprised at how demanding interior designing is. Now, who says designing as solely limited to the theme? Think about it again. Thus, as stated before: “A theme results after you have gathered your emotions, thoughts, creativity sparks and your motivations for expression.  If you ask interior design critics all over, you will be  surprised to end up with all favors over a decorative glass”.

The Beauty of Hand Blown Glass Chandelier

The Beauty of Hand Blown Glass Chandelier


.A chandelier hanging in the middle of a living room or on top of a dining table is definitely a focal point of beauty in any abode. They make the whole emotion of the house warm and inviting. It is very relaxing to the eye, and in one way or another, it typically talks about the characteristics of the people living inside the house. They make living more beautiful at the same time.


There are so many types of chandeliers, and there are also so many designs as well. The cost differ so much depending on the craftsmanship, design and materials that are used for the design, the size also is a big factor in costing the chandeliers.

 Choose a Hand Blown Glass Chandelier

A glass is a naturally occurring material that is relatively non corrosive and also a semi-opaque substance that is actually fused because of the heat of the volcanic eruptions or when struck by lightning. They are accidentally discovered during the 5000BC when one Phoenician merchant while on the beach feasting cannot find any type of stone to place the pots for cooking. Then, they just set them up with blocks that were carried by their ship as cargo. The blocks then melted because of the heat, it moved with sand and it turned into molten glass.


When you create glass, it typically involves the same ingredients, and that is heat, the sand and the soda ash as well.  It became very intriguing for men. Right now, the creation of glass has been so advanced already that it has become inexpensive already and some even already recycle it for use all over again because of over production.


One of the most beautiful pieces of chandelier is called the hand blown glass chandelier. This piece of art is perfectly handcrafted and in every piece of glass, it is actually hand blown. When you own one, it will definitely ensure that your place will never be the same again. It also reflects your personal taste, this even becomes a topic of admiration when your friends and family visit your place.


One characteristic that this hand blown glass chandelier has is because of its stunning sculptures as well as its bright and carefully placed lifting fixture. The chandelier creates a very subtle glow and gives a very warm ambiance wherever it is placed inside your home. The glasses also create a dramatic effect by emitting a fabulous and artistic shadows on the walls and the ceilings as well.


Types of hand blown glass chandelier


Because of the popularity of this hand blown glass chandelier, there are many light designers and manufacturers are now offering several types of it. Though some of these designs are rather expensive, they are still very popular as they are considered to be exclusive and finest pieces. Here are some of the large varieties of it.



  • Single Light Hand Blown Glass Pendant - This will always be an exquisite design that will always be a star of the house. This type of lights are most suitable in focusing lights on areas that are specific for work. They come in different types as well, there are many shapes and designs, the shades are also framed and can perfectly match the ceiling canopy, these are even mostly finished in nickel. You can also adjust the height of the artistic piece in order to adjust the length of the height of the chandelier.




  • Multi lighted Hand Blown Glass Pendant Chandelier – These are nickel finished frames that contain several pendants and lights, this can also definitely match the ceiling canopy. These are simple lights that are relatively perfect in shedding light over your dining space. These also have very deep and rich colors, it also has a customized look and feel.




  • Hand Blown Glass wall Sconce – This come in different colors and shapes as well. the frame is then finished in cone and can also perfectly match a wall sconce. The matte look refines the artistic end product as well. This provides refraction or a slight bending of the wave path of the lights emitted, that would relatively reflect off an immobile object and then it would bounce into several routes that would give life to the object. This has a single light, a double or even triple lighting as well.



Considering Hand Blown Glass Chandeliers As a Gift


When it comes to gifts any homeowner would definitely appreciate a present that will give a perfect focal point in the house. Even the royalties give amazing gifts as a custom, and one of the most popular gifts given are actually chandeliers. The royalties also often give designated custom decorative glass pieces for special occasions. Even today, cut crystals are still in its peak. It could be glass gifts that can be cut into crystal pieces or even the hand blown items as well.


Glass Collections and more


Some people collect glass arts as part of their lives, some people even collect classic glass collectibles which can also be exciting. These are classic pieces that are uniquely found all over the world, that grew together with time. These pieces are hilariously expensive depending on its history and origin, even the size and the beauty matters as well. Quality is pretty much dependent on the craftsmanship, but artistic classics are relatively strong and have already survived, that is why it has become priceless for some.


Some people collect these not the only classic ones but the most exquisite as well. Meaning, there are people who just are always in awe of glass cuts and hand blown glasses because of its lighting effects. That is why they collect these pieces at puts this in their home.


One of the best glass makers when it comes to artistic creations are the Czech glass artists. Their work started in the year 1940 with Emanuel Beranek who actually makes glass in its most primitive conditions, unlike during those times when the makers are manufacturing glass through generator gas furnaces.


Hone your Skills with Glass Blowing Classes to Create Masterpieces with Glasses

Glass Blowing Classes

Blowing glasses is both an art and a skill. You might be able to blow a glass and with your artistic abilities, you can create something great. Or, you might have all these great ideas as glass pieces in your head, but your skills needs improvement. Whether you need more inspiration or you need to improve your skills, there is a solution to that. The important thing here is your desire to create a masterpiece that will satisfy your heart in creating something that expresses the idea or thought that you want to convey.

Improving your skills in blowing glasses

When you already have this burning desire to create something special by blowing glasses, then you are on to a good start. You just need to hone your current knowledge and skills and get your teacher to teach you about techniques that would make your hobby more exciting, serious and of course, even more fun.

The idea of attending glass blowing classes will expose you to the idea of working in a group, if you signed up for a group class, or having someone around you who is well experienced in this craft. This will open the doors to allow you to ask questions that you can definitely apply in the long run. In addition, when you create your beautiful pieces, you have somebody else in the room that can critique your work and one that you can trust has knowledge about what he or she is talking about. With all these information in your belt, there is really nothing else to do but to do better.

In addition to having someone who knows the craft by heart, you will also have access to materials and tools that you may have not used before. This will benefit you in a way that you will get to experience whether certain tools will work to your advantage or is it too heavy to work with or it may just be the perfect tool that is missing in your tool box. Then, you know what to get next paycheck when you go to the store.

Aside from attending glass blowing classes, be on the lookout for conventions. When you do attend these awesome events, you will meet more people with the same interest and interact with them. You can start an invaluable network that you can use in the future for just about anything. It can vary from questions, to suppliers and even customers in the embodiment of their friends and relatives that might be living in the same neighborhood as you do.

Getting more creative inspiration

All artists experience this at one or more times in their lives. If you happen to find yourself in that particular spot that there is really nothing that you could create that makes your heart beat in excitement, do not be alarmed. This is perfectly normal.

Paper! This is going to be your best friend. If you can get a drawing pad that is convenient for you to carry around or put in your backpack or satchel, then take it. You also need a reliable pencil and eraser so that you can instantly draw the idea wherever you are. Below are some suggestions when you still find it challenging to get creative.

  • Find a quiet place. A lot of artists find solace as a great place to restart and boot again. In many cases, they find themselves pouring out ideas that sometimes, they can’t even keep up with it. This is why it is important to always have your drawing book with you.
  • Happy place. Think of a happy moment, many of the inspiring pieces, whether glass or other mediums were a product of a happy memory.
  • Talk to your friends. If you are looking to get inspired to make a glass project, you may want to opt to talking to the network you started when you went to the convention. They will understand this burning passion to create something. In addition, if you already have a group in Facebook or any social media, then you can use that network as well for additional inspiration.
  • Look at pictures online. Looking at pictures online could also inspire you to create something incredible.
  • Listen to music. Find that perfect music, close your eyes and let your mind wander. This is another form of getting in touch with your inner you. This is also another motivation that motivated inspiring pieces whether it’s a painting, sculpture or any art pieces.
  • Just doodle. A lot of sculpture and even other types of artists were surprise at how doodling can actually start an amazing idea. Each stroke that contributes to the thickness of a strike of a pencil brings out a certain element. After few minutes, you will notice something that stands out. This might be the next inspiration that you are looking for.

In relation of finding inspiration, there was this artist in Japan who was having difficulty getting an idea to create something; to paint something. Out of the blue, he notices his pet goldfish. He started creating his first 3d painting featuring his goldfish. Now, Riusuke Fukahori is one of the well known artists because of this great creation, which started from something that he always had in his room – his pet goldfish.

Starting a project

So, now that you have something to start with, you can roll up your sleeves and you can start working. No idea is bad idea. Just draw them in your drawing book or just simply doodle. When you finally get an inspiration, you can plan how you want to make your glass project. All that you have learned from your glass blowing classes and the creative inspiration is going to allow you to make something incredible. Just take a deep breath and then just do it. Have fun!

Sharing your project

When you finally create a masterpiece, you can make use of the social media platform to post a picture and share it in your account. Perhaps, you can also manage your own glass blowing classes,too. Needless to say, glass blowing classes is also being offered online because of its high demand.

Glass Wall Art and Finding the Right Decorative Piece for your Home

Glass Wall Art

Art creates great impact on lives, it has molded the lives of millions of people, and it brought comfort to some people, hope, freedom and love. Art helps people to express themselves uniquely and it brings out the best in every individual as they are free to show their creativity. It can be expressed in more ways than one as it is not only limited to a single method. Because of its influence in our society, we tend to find our surroundings empty or boring without it. So many people enjoy collecting artworks or even shop wall arts to decorate their homes.

Some type of wall arts

As stated above art comes in different styles and are designed using different methods. It can be a simple painting, be it an abstract, representational, historical, or just a simple portrait. It can also be a metal or glass wall art. But with the new generation of artists and new minds evolving, lots of new ideas have been introduced; still, nothing beats the old way of doing it. That is why choosing among all the plenty choices you have if you plan to decorate your place can be tricky. So first, you must consider if it is appropriate for your place, your wall art will not be so artistic anymore if it doesn’t compliment your place.


When you talk or hear about art what pops into your head is a drawing or a painting. This kind of wall art is what people commonly use to decorate their houses. As stated above paintings also come in different types, this will also reflect your taste and your interests as people see it in the walls of your home. The image is usually inside a frame to make it look more elegant. This is more convenient than the glass wall art or the metal wall art because it is easy to move and easy to carry. Its disadvantage is very hazardous to children as most frames have glasses to cover the painting. So it is also wise to be cautious.

Glass wall art

This type of wall art also is an amazing way to decorate your place to elegance. This is because the aura of the glass, its sparkle and shine makes it look beautiful. Glass wall art just like the paintings; come in different types depending on how the creator makes it or whatever comes out of their imaginations. The most common designs now are floral, aquatic, nature, aviary, or even abstract art.

With the elegance and beauty it brings to your home, glass wall art also has disadvantages. It can be hazardous especially when there are children around. It also makes it very hassle if you move in and out because it is heavy and very fragile. Glass wall art is suitable to people who live alone or with adults, but if otherwise children should be kept away from it. This type of wall art is more commonly seen in churches.


Metal wall art

Alongside glass wall art and paintings, is this also popular metal wall art. This type is commonly made by copper, steel, iron, or brass. It can also be made by a special metal depending on the creator himself. It also is a creative decoration for your home that you might consider. If you are not into bright colors or sparkly decors, you might want to try this type of wall art. Most metal wall art only has few shades of color and many of them are in dark colors which is good for a simple type of decorating.

One disadvantage of this wall art is it is also very heavy to carry and is a very much hassle if you want to move in or out or redecorate. This is also hazardous to children and even adults. So it is very much advised that having this around your home, one should be cautious. Just like the glass wall art, this is suitable without children at home or with proper supervision.

Other wall art types

Other types of wall arts are decorative walls where the walls seem to be embossed by a certain design, a very simple wallpaper paste in your wall for beautiful and inexpensive design, and what is very common today that most people do is just paint the walls itself. With these types, you need not to go to an exquisite and expensive art shop and worry about your children’s safety or yourself. All you need is a nice paint and some creative hands to do the designs. This is usually done in the rooms of the houses, modern apartments, restaurants, hotels, even schools and the long list goes on.

These are all great arts; it brings color to our eyes, stories in our hearts and even unimaginable ways to help us. Art can be taken so lightly by many yet it can also help a lot of people. When art is the topic decorations, drawings and paintings is what we can think of at first. Yes, these are the most common ways of art, but it is also a tool for therapy to people with psychological problems. Like many artists, these helps these types of people to express what they fail to speak, so art should not be taken so lightly. It is more than a decoration; it also signifies life, love, and passion.

All of the above mentioned are great ways of putting up decorations and beautifying your place, yet my opinion may not be reasonable to you or to others and yours to mine and others as well. But as stated above, lots of things should be considered first before choosing one; its suitability, price, advantages, disadvantages and most of all, safety.

But, I suggest that you should choose and decide from the heart. What you decide to decorate to your place reflects who you are and it creates impressions to other people, especially those who doesn’t know you well or who just met you. art does not only involve by what you see, it also involves what you think and feel.

Hand Blown Glass – The Innovative Use of a Limitless Object

Hand Blown Glass

In modern works of art, an artist does not only limit itself to abstract free painting or figurative freehand sculpting. The use of a universal material such as the glass made exemplary history in the world of craftsmanship. Since it is versatile and that it can be modified into other substance, artists found a new way to use it. Glass wall art has then become popular since the Roman Empire.

Glass wall art comes in many different forms such as hand blown glass and glass panels; this covers glass chandelier, vases and ornaments. The product trend of glass  art does not only limit itself to one. It is used as curtain walls, backdrops, hand railings and stair case.

Many contemporary works of glass art evolved such as the stained glass. It is more popular with its use in churches. The windows are portioned with painting and design. It requires special tools and materials. The combinations of ridged and textured glass are a perfect project. The obvious piece of art of stained glass is evident in the Chatres and Canterbury Cathedral windows.

There is also another technique of glass making. It is the sand blasting. This is the process where the surface of the glass is removed in order for the next layer to stand out. Thick slabs of glass are usually the choice of glass for this kind of technique because it would be able to stand the high pressure.

And of course, the most prominent of all glass techniques which is the hand blown glass. It is the most popular technique because of the inwardness a glass blower would feel upon making this masterpiece. A lot of opportunities for creative ideas are displayed in each product finish. Below is a focused and narrowed reading of the subject.

Puff that Glass

Hand blown glass is the technique where molten glass is inflated turning it into a bubble.  A glass-smith is the one manipulating to how much amount of air would be blown into the glass. The principle behind this is the property of glass to be expanded once it is heated. This process is called inflation. There are different hand blown glass techniques which were developed over the decade. These are free and mold blowing. The process of free-blowing results into many forms of glass arts, these pieces include glass blown table items, wall art, vases and chandelier. As for the mold blowing, it usually follows a pattern for industrial use such as mass production of glass.

Fabricating Art

Glass-smith must be extremely patient. It is because of the long repetitive process it takes for them to see the end product. They must be persistent in their work and have expertise in this kind of craft. They must have strong coordination to be able to precisely know when the glass is ready for heating, molding or cooling and of course their creativity at its finest.

The staple piece that hand blown glass makers need is a heating system for the glass to be melted on and a blowpipe.  A furnace where molten glasses are kept should be about 2,000 Fahrenheit or 1,100 Celsius. Additional of color is usually mixed up in the start of the process. Artists use colored powder or dye for a magnificent effect. It begins when the glass blower reach out inside the furnace using the blowpipe and gathers the molten glass at the tip. The artists now roll the hot mass of glass into a steel plate giving it the mold of a cylindrical shape.  The process needs faultless coordination of both hands.  The intent to be shaping it to what the artist desire involves a constant motion of heating and molding.

And then the blowing begins. The artist will now blow into the pipe for the hot mass to expand.  It will now create a bubble, because of the positive pressure that is trapped inside the pipe. The process is then repeated, until the detachment of the formed glass from the blowpipe. Using a large tong or jacks, the glass blower then patterns a line from the pipe and glass where they will separate. While doing this process the glass object must be in constant shaping.

A punty, this is what they usually call it in the glass industry, is a smaller metal rod that is attached to the other side of the blown glass for full removal of the glass to the blow pipe.  The piece now on the punty will go through one final heating. The glass blower will now carefully drop it into a fire blanket and into the annealing oven. This oven is kept in 950 Fahrenheit and cooled for more than 12 hours.  Slow cooling is a very important process in the making of any glass wall art to become a masterpiece.

Modern Craft of Color and Light

Glass as one of its property is to illuminate light, the effect of it when knead gives off divine artistry. The effectiveness has to do with the material itself, reflecting the olden times to modern one. This has been a challenging work for artists, since then glass has become a staple piece of art in any gallery. That is why pioneering glass artists open up a Museum of glass. The Museum presents timeless classic glass collection of any form of technique known to man.

The first evident use of glass was around the early 1600. It is plain and opaque in color. The molten ones are pretty much good use as jars and jugs that at that time only the rich can afford it. During the mid 1600 people discovered to inflate the hot glass. After that the method was use until the Roman Empire. They have tried to develop it by adding a coloring agent. Details were also added such as the handles and base.

Glass is a universal material. The use of it does not only limit it to one. It has a widespread purpose from functional, technological and ornamental use.