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8 Steps Of Planning A Party And 50th Birthday Party Decorations

50th Birthday Party Decorations

Holding birthday parties requires flowing of ideas, early planning, and effective execution among others. The process of holding birthday parties starts with planning which includes choosing themes, drafting a program, deciding budget, etc. The planning process is important because it can actually determine the success of the party. The extent of planning a birthday party depends on what type of party is to be hold. For instance, if you are to hold a 50th birthday party celebration, it can be significantly different to holding a 30th birthday party.

A 50th birthday is definitely a milestone. That’s why many people who hold a 50th birthday celebration gives much time and effort in planning and executing because this kind of event should really come special. 50th birthday party decorations are never taken for granted. This goes same for the theme of the party and almost every detail in general.

How To Plan A 50th Birthday Party?

  1. Assess your budget.


First things first, know your budget. Assessing your budget first will allow you to know your limit when planning further. This will save you from future regrets of not being able to execute a certain idea. Also, it will save you much time. If you already know your budget, you will have an idea in my mind of which certain band, design, catering service, cake, and program paraphernalia you can afford.


  1. Choose a theme.

After determining your budget, you can now pick a theme for your party. There are plenty of ideas for 50th birthday themes or 50th birthday party decorations. The usual theme for this kind of birthday celebration is a ‘golden party’ because a 50th birthday signifies a golden milestone.

  1. Decide on the date and venue.

Since you already know your party budget and have already decided for the theme, it is now time to decide on the date and venue. The date is not big of a problem since most birthday parties are celebrated on the birth date of the celebrant. Otherwise, will you call it his or her birthday? But not all cases are like this. Some people don’t mind celebrating their birthday on other dates for certain reasons. If that is the case, decide on the date that will best suit your party. Take consideration of the availability of your guests.

When it comes to choosing venue, take into consideration the decided theme. The venue should complement your theme. Make sure that you will be able to incorporate your 50th birthday party decorations on your chosen venue.  Other considerations when it comes to venue are the distance as well as the price. Where will your guests come from? Are there wide parking spaces? How much will it cost? You don’t want to spend too much on the venue and be left with little for decorations and other party fees.

  1. Decide on your guests list.


Some people want to celebrate their birthdays with just their close friends and loved ones. Some on the other hand, don’t mind having the crowd of friends, even acquaintances with them.  If guests are one of your big considerations, you must decide on it earlier, so you can plan freely other things to include in your party.


  1. Decide on the foods, and beverages. And also, the cake!


A 50th birthday celebration is golden. Planning the foods and beverages can be synchronized with the party theme. Or, it can be the birthday celebrant choice. Take also into consideration your guests. Will there be vegetarians from your guest lists? Make sure you can have options for your invited guests with food considerations like those allergic to certain kind of foods.


For the beverages, decide on whether you will be allowing hard drinks in your party. It will be more convenient to have a bar included in the venue or you may opt to choose a catering service that will provide you wide good choices when it comes to beverages.   Take into consideration that your party is a 50th birthday celebration.


Planning the cake is another thing. You can opt to bake your own cake or order from cake or pastry shops. Your design can also be included in the cake.


  1. Decide on the utensils and necessary decorations.

Since you have already decided on the theme, choosing the right utensils and the table settings will be easy. Also, you can conveniently negotiate it with the catering service. Your 50th birthday party decorations are better be included in setting the tables and foods.

  1. Create a calendar for your party tasks.


Part of planning your party is deciding on the time when you will arrange the actual decorations of your party. You will have to meet with your party supply suppliers especially if you have a very detailed designs or things you want them to accomplish. Make a to-do list and make sure you will be able to follow and execute it.


  1. Prepare pre-party equipment and invitations.


Invitations are one thing that you should not forget. Decide whether you will be sending invitations. Since a 50th birthday is a milestone, you might as well send invitations engraved with your chosen theme or incorporated with your 50th birthday party decorations. Otherwise, if you think it will be unnecessary, then don’t forget to give your intended guests a call or notification about your party.


Party equipment should also be prepared at hand. Equipment such as audio and sound equipment must be checked first. You don’t want to experience technicalities in the actual party, so might as well prepare it beforehand. If you will be renting equipment, make sure to run testing of the equipment first. Or ensure that the service will cover such inevitable technicalities.

The extent of planning a party definitely depends on your kind of party. But with an effective and comprehensive planning, there’s no need to worry for the success of party. If you run out of party ideas, brainstorming with friends or the birthday celebrant can help you a lot. It is also useful to do some research.  




40th Birthday Decorations for Mom: What You Should Know?

40th Birthday Decorations

So, your mom will soon celebrate her 40th birthday and you would want to throw a birthday party for her. Many people will think that there is no need to celebrate your aging but still, your mom will love and be surprised for the party you are going to throw for her. But, the problem is, you should get started in knowing the right 40th birthday decorations that you will have as you would not want your mom to feel that she is starting to become old. Well, there is this saying that life starts at 40 so it is surely something for you to celebrate.

There are so many things that you should know and keep in your mind when preparing for your mom’s 40th birthday decorations in the house or in the venue that you have chosen. So, to be guided, make sure to spend time in reading this article and have a better idea on the possible things you have to do and avoid for a more entertaining and remarkable birthday party for your mom.

Welcoming the Guests

It is very important that you will come up with some things that could welcome your guests. You can put up some banners in front of the venue which says “Happy 40th birthday” or a simple “Welcome” which could make your guest feel that they are appreciated and would be glad to enter the place to celebrate the birthday of your mom with you. This is one of the most common 40th birthday decorations that you would be able to see so you need to make sure that you will never forget to have it.

You can look out for some designs of banners that are not too girly and too mature. It should be in the middle and would easily provide a better atmosphere for the party. Though, if you have already thought of a good party theme for this, then you can follow the design and style of it. You can also ask your mom for some recommendations for the kind of party she wants to have and assure her that she does not need to spend for it.

Playing Some Games and Do Activities

Surely, it is very important for you to not just focus on the 40th birthday decorations needed as you should also come up with some games and different activities that you can do with your guests. There are some games that you can consider which is not too boring and complicated. However, you have to consider the age of the people who are going to participate in the games, especially if most of the guests are at the same age with your mom.

You can think of some games that could be really fun like guessing games and others. But, aside from the games, there are also some possible activities that you can do. You can prepare a short video or slideshow of the photos of your family with your mom or just her photos alone. You should also consider playing different songs that are the favorite of your mother to lighten up the mood in the venue even more. There are a lot of activities that you can try out so choose those that are perfect for the celebration.

The Foods and Beverages

Getting 40th birthday decorations is not enough to complete the whole party. You have to also prepare foods and beverages for your guests. Most of the adults would not like the idea of finger foods anymore so it is best to prepare main courses and another kind of meals. Commonly, many people will consider getting grilled meats and fishes that could be perfect for the needs of many people.

However, you have to expect that there are some people who are already conscious with the food that they are eating and would not be interested to have meats in parties. With that, it is also the best for you to prepare another kind of meals like vegetables and fruits that could be more ideal for them. You can do researches on the internet for some perfect meals that you can try out but it is still the best to ask for the recommendations of other people.

For the beverages, you have to prepare as many kinds as possible. There should be liquor for both women and men, juice for kids, coffee and some other kind of drinks that are a perfect fit for the meals that you are going to prepare. This is very important because most of the guests will be very particular in the beverages they are going to drink. Just don’t forget to also have water with you which could be the most vital kind of beverage.

The Party Giveaways

Lastly, the party will not end without the right giveaways. Giveaways are often being provided in order to let the guests be reminded of the party they have attended. Commonly, the giveaways may come with “Thank You” tags that are being used to make them feel that the party host is very glad to see them. But, there could be a number of giveaways that you can keep in your mind and there will be a very long list of it. So, it is important for you to choose one that could be perfect for the party and the theme that you have chosen.

Things to Remember

This is a party for a 40-year-old woman, which means that you have to plan it with full respect and lots of considerations. You should make sure that everything you are going to get is perfect for the needs and preferences of the person who will celebrate the birthday and the guests who will attend the event. You should consider them for everything, for the food, for the decorations, the venue, and the date of the event and other things that is related to the birthday party to be assured that there will be no problems to worry about later on.

Dazzling Ideas for Your Little Girls Festivity

Once a year, there is this wonderful celebration that parents give their 100% to prepare, it is their child’s birthday. Celebrating another year with your child as they grow up is a blessing. In what way can we show them that we are grateful for coming into our lives? It is to shower them with the grandest birthday celebration we can come up to.

Whether it is their first birthday or tenth, each year should be great memory for them to remember, that is why we have come up with ideas that you can choose from. From old classic fairytale or to the newly Disney princess’s, there is for your girls birthday party theme

Princess Theme


Most girls are always fascinated about princess and castles. That is why you can never go wrong for choosing this kind of theme. There a lot of princess cartoons out there that is why we sited out the most popular one.


The newly addition on the princess world of Disney are the sisters Elsa and Anna from the movie “Frozen”. It is swooning with all pretty elements of the winter world. Snowman, snowflakes and anything that is shiny and shimmery. From cutout snowflake pattern and cookies, a winter wonderland cake, and of course the famous dress of the main characters will surely get you little girl smiling from ear to ear.


Ballerina Theme


Tiara’s, tutu’s and ballerina shoes are such cute ensembles for your dancing little girls birthday party theme. You can start off by setting a dress code that children must come in their best ballerina outfit so that it will give them a feel of dancing in their twinkle toes. You can also pattern out invitation to a ticket-like making it look like a formal dance presentation.


Tea Party Theme


Those tiny teapots, little tea cups and small platters are a sure way to tickle your little girl and her friends to play a tea party. When preparing a tea party, make sure the tea are prepared ahead of time to prevent minor burns when spilled on the child. You can serve the tea with cookies and pastries. To give it a classier look, let them wear dresses’ that are patterned from the fifties or sixties.


Beauty spa Theme


In what other way can you pamper your little girl and her friends than setting out a spa themed birthday party? You can have them wear this little robes matching a towelette on their hair, and let them be pampered by having their manicure’s and pedicure’s done. A mini-facial section would also be great to top off your girls birthday party theme.


Animal Theme


Whether you child choose zoo animals or barn animals, this kind of girls birthday party theme would let them have fun while being considerate to animals. You can go to your local zoo and sponsor a tour around for them to see the animal’s up-close. If you choose barn yard animal party, you could just hire farm animals for them to feed or pet.


Carnival Theme


A lot of games would be fun for this kind of theme. You can go endless with toss the ring games, pop that water balloon games, and a roulette game just to mention a few. Carnival food inspired would be easy to prepare such as popcorns, hotdogs, pretzels and caramel bars. If you want to go overboard, you can also hire a carousel to make their experience a blast.


Movie Theme


Get your daughters friends together for a movie inspired birthday. A projector and a white piece of cloth can be use as a substitute for the big screen found in cinemas. You can also arrange comfortable chairs for them to sit on. Prepare at least five girly movies they can choose from. Finger foods would be best served with this kind of party so as not to create a mess when the lights are off for the movie.


Pool Party Theme.


Inflatable pool for that matter, we don’t want to be causing any untoward incident on your child’s birthday. You can set up a 2-3 small inflatable pools at your backyard for a summer feel. Daddy can work up the barbeque grill once a child gets hungry. Make sure to provide beach balls, floaters and noodles.


Costume up to give you the feel of a Tiki – Luau Party. Grass skirts and knitted tops would surely give you the summer feeling. You can also prepare those refreshing drinks such as coconut juice and other fruit juice available.


Art Theme


Let the little Picasso come out in your child. This girls birthday party theme lets your child and her friends bring out the creativity in them. Provide them with art paper and a whole lot of art materials to have a nonstop gallery of art. Make sure this is done outdoor because it might cause spillage or stain in your carpet, and it is much easier to clean up after.


Jewelry Party Theme


Diamonds are girl’s best friend; this kind of theme lets your child and her friends create their own jewelries but of course made out of beads. You can pack a bag with all the tools they need for making their most unique design of accessory. The tool bag mostly includes different sizes and colors of beads, nylon threads, safety scissors, wires and wire cutter. This theme would be advisable for older children that can handle precision thread to beading process or else tantrums would be over the place.

Ideas are endless for a girls birthday party theme. Just make sure to incorporate a lot of games and prizes for them to enjoy. A great selection of food would also be enjoyable for them. Of course, one of the center pieces in any occasion is a unique themed cake as this would be the center of the attention in any party, and needless to say, the birthday celebrant should wear her dazzling customes.

How To Make Your Party Mexican: Mexican Party Decorations

Perhaps, one of the most exciting parts about holding a party is the decorations. There are countless party themes or party decorations to choose from. Decorations are one thing that can make or break your party. In general, it is used to liven up the party or to achieve the party theme, decorations are set accordingly.

Among one of the popular party themes is Mexican. One distinct characteristic of a Mexican party is being festive. Mexicans are known for their festivities which are colorful, lively, and vibrant. Mexican culture is generally well-loved. Also, Mexican foods are loved as well by many people. There is more to Mexican parties than there is. That is why there are many people that opt to go all-Mexican in holding their parties.

If you will be holding a Mexican-themed party, here are some Mexican party decorations ideas that you might find useful. Listed below are Mexican party decorations as well as Mexican food which will kick-off your Mexican-styled party.

Colorful sombrero

Sombreros are one of things that Mexicans are known for. Sombreros are worn by Mexicans in their festive events. Designing your parties with colorful sombreros can definitely kick it off. For birthday parties, sombreros can be used as the party hats. Also, you can require your guests to bring their own so that you can come up with different and colorful sombreros.       

Mexican bandana

One thing that can make your party Mexican one is the inclusion of colorful bandanas. You can decorate your venue with colorful bandanas. You can string up your bandanas just like the stringed decors in the usual festivals. Or, you can wore it around your neck or simply add it up with your outfit together with the sombreros.

Mexican food

Of course, there is no Mexican party that doesn’t have a table full of Mexican foods. Mexican people are proud people when it comes to their culture specifically their foods. Serve the well-loved Mexican food including the good ‘ol tacos, quesadillas, burritos and salsa and guacamole among many others.

The Mexican foods that you can include in your party will actually depend on your type of party. If this is a birthday party, you will most likely have to prepare dishes. Thus, try to include main dishes like Cinco de Mayo main dishes, Chorizo dishes, Mexican casserole, and Mexican styled dishes in general.

Otherwise, if your party is just a typical party you throw every once in a while, you can opt to serve Mexican-styled street foods. The usual Mexican finger foods will definitely do. Or if you don’t want to go too much Mexican, then just style your food like Mexican ones. For example, you can prepare Mexican-styled sandwich or Mexican-style mini burger and the likes. There are also homemade tortillas that you can try.

Mexican beverages

Your party is not Mexican if you will not include margaritas and tequila cocktails. If you and your friends are the adventurous type and you really want a party with good drinks and shots, try the many margarita recipes. Also, there are numbers of tequila mixes that you can produce to spice up your Mexican party experience.

Another thing is regardless of what beverage you want to offer, you can style it up with Mexican party decorations. For example, you can create your own Mexican soda bottles or you can design your drink wares with Mexican decors. You can put mini sombreros in your tequila shots or cocktail drinks. The secret is actually, make it look vibrant.

Mexican dessert

If you want your party to become really festive, then don’t forget to add dessert in your party menu.  Basically, Mexican foods are also suited for desert. Thus, all you need to do is prepare easy-to-prepare Mexican dessert. But if you want the usual desserts which are not Mexican in nature, just style it up. For example, you can prepare Mexican cupcakes or sweets or candies in a Mexican-styled bowl.

Moreover, when it comes to food, beverages, and desserts, you can always order foods or turn to catering services. The good thing about Mexican foods is that you will never run out of ideas about food to prepare. You can always do homemade ones. All you need to have are basic Mexican food ingredients that are readily available in your local grocery stores.

Mexican-styled table

You can liven up your Mexican party further by designing your table just like the Mexicans design theirs. First things first, Mexican tables are usually big and long ones. Mexican tables usually can accommodate as many people as it can. Thus, consider having a big one for your party. When it comes to the utensils, style it up like Mexicans’. You can also add a central masterpiece in your table. Additional skirting or decorations on the side of your table can make it look Mexican. You can do this by stringing up mini bandanas or sombreros as part of your table design.

Party piñata

For some parties, it can go boring without party activities or games. Liven up your party and organize a simple piñata game. You can fill you piñata with candies and goodies. This is best suited for birthday parties as well as fiesta or festive events. Piñata can readily be bought in party need shops. Or, you can always make your own using colorful papier-mache.

Mexican-styled invitations

A party almost always goes with invitations. Craft your party invitations with colorful styles and designs. Simply incorporate your party design in your invitations. Make it look fiesta-ish, and it will be Mexican enough. You can also add some Mexican words as part of your greetings in your invitation.

Other Mexican party decorations

There are many other Mexican party decorations that you can add in your Mexican-themed party. You can never run out of ideas when it comes to decors. You can add colorful balloons, colorful and Mexican-styled lanterns, paper decorations, flower decorations, etc.

Also, the venue should be the one primarily designed Mexican-ish. You can also add a center masterpiece for your party. For instance, you can use the balloons and paper decorations as your masterpiece in the center of your ceiling.

3rd Birthday Party Ideas

3rd Birthday Party Ideas

Is your child’s 3rd birthday coming up? Are you prepared already? Or are you still looking for ideas that you might do in his birthday party? Actually, there are many ideas to choose from, but there are just a few things that you need to consider before coming up with the good birthday party for your son or daughter.

What to Consider When Preparing for a Birthday Party

As mentioned, there are things that you should consider when preparing for the birthday party of your child. Here are some of the important things that you need to think of:

  1. The first thing that you should consider when deciding for your child’s birthday is, of course, the budget that you have allotted for the party. There would not be a party if you do not have a budget. Therefore, budget is very important.
  2. Another thing that you need to think of is what style of eating do you want, whether it is buffet or not. Food is one of the important things that you need to prepare in a party so you need to think about this.
  3. Consider also the age of your child. Since he is turning 3, you should have a party that is just right for kids of his age. Do have a party that is right for you, but instead have something that is appropriate for him.
  4. You should also know the preferences of your child. The party is not about you so the theme and food of the party should not only be according to your taste but also according to the taste of your child.
  5. Lastly, also know the theme of the party you want the birthday to have. So do you already have the choices of the themes for the birthday party?

3rd Birthday Party Ideas

Food for the 3rd Birthday Party

If you are not decided yet on the food yet for the birthday party, you might want to have the food to be small and simple. When in a kid’s birthday party, kids do not usually stay in one place so giving them food that they cannot carry is not really a good idea. It is better if you would give them something that they can bring and easy to eat so when they have decided to play and enjoy the party, it would not be hard for them.

Furthermore, when deciding for the food, it would also be nice if you would not give kids that would make them very messy when they eat so that it would not be hard for the parents to clean their children. Aside from thinking of the practicality, do not forget to consider the food itself. Make sure that the food you prepare would be something that children and parents, who would attend the party, will like. You do not want your food to be rejected by your guests.


If you have no choices or options yet for the themes, then read on and I will be suggesting some 3rd birthday party ides:

  1. Under the Sea theme


If your child is a girl, she can be the mermaid princess like Disney’s Ariel, while the guests can be other mermaids or sea creatures. If your child is a fan of under the sea theme, they would surely enjoy this kind of party.


If your child is a boy, he can be the prince of the sea. Or he can be any creature that he wants, wherever his imagination can take him.


  1. Minions or Despicable Me Theme


Since minions are really in today and kids really love the cuteness of minions, you can add this to the 3rd birthday party ideas that you are choosing from. You can have minion cakes or even mascots.


  1. Super Hero theme


Super heroes are never out of style when it comes to themed party. Kids love super heroes, sometimes they even pretend to be one. It is a good idea if you make their dreams come true by making them the super hero they want to be on their birthday.


  1. Dinosaur Theme


This party would be a really good party. Imagine, there would be mini dinosaurs partying with you and your child? Your child will surely like this.


  1. Tea Party theme


If your little girl is simple but classy, you might want to give her a tea party themed birthday. Make the motif be your child’s favorite color, or have something in pastel. Also, do not forget to include cakes and other food that your child loves and the other kids will also love.


  1. Harry Potter Theme


If you have introduced Harry Potter to your child, they would surely love to wear robes and have their own wands. Add some things that are from Harry Potter like some flying brooms, magic tricks, or even butter beer. Your kid will definitely never forget their birthday party.


  1. Spa Party


If you have a girl, you can give her a little spa party. She will surely like to have this party with her friends. She will not only enjoy herself but also, she is going to be relaxed and energized after the party. Furthermore, this is somewhat a unique party to have for a kid.

Additional 3rd Birthday Party Ideas

Aside from the theme of the party, you might want to add other things to your child’s birthday party. You may add some small booths like face painting, magic booth, loot bags booth, bubble booth, and the like. These booths will add fun to the party and will even make children enjoy more of the party. They may even bring something home that would make them remember the party.

You may also hire clowns or other source of entertainment for kids if you want or puppet shows according to the theme of the party. Those 3rd birthday party ideas are just suggestions, the decision would still be up to you as long as you are sure that the party would be enjoyed by your child.

How to Throw a Princess Theme Party

Princess Theme Party

Have you been wondering how you can make your kid extra special on her birthday? There is nothing more perfect than throwing a princess theme party for her. There are a lot of kids who dream of being a famous Disney princess such as Belle, Cinderella, Ariel, Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Aurora. They will be more than happy to experience a princess-like party and dress in beautiful or stunning gowns.

How to organize a princess theme party?

To make it grand without overspending, a lot of important items in the party need to be given careful planning and utmost attention. Make the best Disney party for your daughter with some money-saving tips. Here are the most things to take note of when planning a wonderful party for your daughter.

  • Princess Invitations

This is one of the easiest things to prepare. You may opt to buy read-made invitation cards with designs of your daughter’s favourite Disney princess. There are also a lot of advantages with creating the invitations by yourself. For one, you can personalize it and unleash your creativity. Just make sure to choose playful fonts and print on high-quality paper. Putting a ribbon or a star to enclose it will create a lot of fun and excitement to party guests.

  • The Princess Gown and Tiara

Having a costume or a gown for your daughter is definitely very important. To make her feel that it really is a princess theme party, it is highly significant to spend some money on her gown. There are custom princess dresses that can be bought online. There are also stunning gowns that do not indicate any princess character but are definitely princess-like in design or style. One of the most famous styles is the ankle-length multi-colour A-line satin mesh princess dress with pleats.

For the tiara, this can be found in many online shops. The most popular choice is the silver tiara. Other option for your daughter is a silver headband, as this can be used again in special occasions.

  • Party Plates and Cups

These have to be special as well to create the perfect princess theme party atmosphere. Order for sets of party plates and cups with the main Disney theme that your daughter has chosen.

Some companies provide a deluxe kit for parties, and this kit includes a lot of items such as lunch plates, cups, napkins, table covers, forks, knives, spoons, birthday banner, balloons, ribbons, and other table decorating its. Check if this kit will let you save a lot of money or if you don’t need the other items since you are renting a space for the birthday venue and the tables and chairs are all set up already.

  • Princess Birthday Cake

Do you know someone who can bake cakes? To save a lot of money on this one, just hire someone you know that can be trusted on creating beautiful and delicious cakes. Make sure to inform the person at least months before the party so that he or she will be able to prepare for its design or layout.

If you don’t know anyone who is available to bake a princess cake, search for shops that provide the service and choose the one with mid-range prices.

  • Party Decors

Who says that party decors need to be done by a professional? Anyone can actually prepare for party decors. These are the decors that you could buy or create to place in the venue or outdoors if you are organizing an outdoor princess theme party:

  • Pink and blue balloons
  • Mini star wands
  • A Huge Tarpaulin with a Disney background
  • Disney gift wraps
  • Hanging curtains
  • Princess hats


  • Party Food

Finger food for kids is very important. Cupcakes, candies, chocolates, cookies, and many other colourful treats need to be present. The main course of meals also has to kid-friendly. Most kids love chicken and pasta.

When preparing for party food, consider your budget and the number of guests your family is expecting. If you are holding a huge party, the best thing to do is to ask for a catering service, as there are a lot of them now that offer services at an affordable price. Check the food packages and find out if you could just add some more food or snacks so that guests will have a lot of options to choose from.

  • Princess Giveaways

A kiddie birthday party cannot be complete without giveaways. There are several awesome giveaway kits available online. Some of these kits include a Disney rings, click cameras, pencils, stickers, mini bubbles, and puzzle bags. You may purchase sets of these items and place them into loot bags or into metal pails. Make sure to ask your daughter to hand these loot bags to each guest after all of the fun games and eating.

  • Party Games

Craft activities are wonderful and fun party games for a princess theme party. Here are the different activities and games to facilitate or organize:

  • Colouring. Print some black and white photos of Disney princesses, and have them coloured by guests. Whoever has the most beautiful coloured princess will gain prizes.
  • Magic Wand Making. Using some sticks, ribbons, and star cut-outs, let the kids create a magic wand.
  • Find the Majesty’s Treasure. For an outdoor party, ask the kids to find the hidden gold coins and bring them to a treasure box right away.
  • Best Dressed Prince and Princess. For this game, nominate two guests who have stunning gowns and costumes. To avoid conflicts with their guardians or parents, add other rewards such as the cutest prince and princess, the most sparkly gowns, and the bravest looking prince.


  • Party Rewards

For the games, rewards are definitely expected. Pack some loot rewards such as chocolates and candies or Disney kiddie items as well such as toy mirrors, combs, pencils, rulers, and mini notebooks for females. For males, pack loots that include toy cars, mini notebooks, pencils, rulers, erasers, and toy airplanes.


Best Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Best Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrating birthdays should not just be for kids. Teens also deserve special attention during their birthdays and organizing some parties will really help a lot in making them more open to their families. Birthday parties need not be grand or expensive. There are a lot of teenage birthday party ideas that are fun but budget-friendly.

What are the best teenage birthday party ideas to organize for your daughter or son? Let them choose from some of the best party themes, and make your own budget about the food, venue, and activities.

For family-exclusive gatherings, the food, transportation, and accommodations are the usual things to take note of. For a party with your teen’s friends, you could also just focus on the food and venue. Invitations could be done via social media, and you could make the most of your outdoor space or basement.

Here are the most popular teenage birthday party ideas in these recent times.

  • Pool Party

This is great for summer. Teens can just relax and have fun. Organizing a pool party lets your teenager feel how much you want him or her to be happy and relax every once in a while. This is also very easy to prepare or organize as there will definitely be guests attending the event and the food don’t have to be well picked or presented.

Prepare some barbecue and other snacks such as nachos and pizza. Have some drinks as well, but make it a rule that there will be no alcohol or cigarettes among teenagers. Have some music as well or you could ask your teenager if he or she knows someone who could be a DJ playing some pop music during the party. Relatives could also join in and celebrate the special occasion in your family.

  • Super Hero Party

Movies about heroes are anywhere. Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Hulk, Wonderwoman, Ironman, Captain America, and many others are popular characters in these recent times. The superhero party is definitely one of the most enjoyable and fun teenage birthday party ideas that your son or daughter could have in their entire lives.

Moreover, a lot of people would really love to dress as heroes. Make a “No Costume, No Entrance” policy to get participation from guests. In your patio, living room, or dining area, you could let your teen gather his or her friends. With a cake, some pasta, chicken, and other types of food, your teen will definitely wear one of the biggest smiles in his or her entire life.

  • Pirate Birthday party

This is usually preferred by male teenagers. The movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean” could be the main theme indicated for the event. This is also budget-friendly when it comes to costumes. The birthday celebrant and the guests could just make some costumes from worn-out clothes. Everybody would be the pirate leader.

This birthday theme is best set up in a patio or in the backyard. Having a long table and long benches would usually be the only needed furniture. The party should have a festive mood where people gather for feasts and exchange jokes and stories.

  • Zoo Birthday Theme

This also requires some costumes. Buy some animal costumes for each family member, and select an animal costume that best describes your teenager. If he or she doesn’t like it, you could give him or her the freedom to choose a costume for the party.

This birthday party could just be attended by family members, or they could also be attended by friends and relatives. This can be done inside the house or outdoors, and fun music is needed to create a vibrant atmosphere in the event. A lot of balloons can also hype the event, as the zoo birthday theme demonstrates the playful and child-like character of everyone.

  • Princess Party

Who said that teenagers do not like Disney princesses anymore? This theme is also one of the best teenage birthday party ideas because teens, especially females, become special as they wear gowns and beautiful makeup.

How to celebrate this affordably? Make the most of your budget by focusing on simple decors such as balloons and curtains. Rent a place where you could decorate by yourself or with the help of other family members. Add some flowers if you want, and get the most affordable catering service in your area. Twenty guests are enough to make your daughter happy. But if your daughter is too friendly at school or in your neighborhood, you could opt for budget meals that a catering service provides. You could just add some more food by cooking some of them or preparing some finger foods.

  • Beach Party

This is great for your teen as well. You could celebrate your teen’s birthday as a family by going to a beach resort either locally or internationally. To get the best deals possible, book a trip or make a hotel reservation months before your teen’s birthday. You could get as much as fifty percent discount on flight tickets when you check for flight deals monthly or regularly. Also, subscribe to some hotel websites to get discounts from them.

What about your budget for the food during the beach party? Create a savings account that is just intended for birthdays or travels. No matter how small you could allocate per month, it will still pile up and create a huge help to your family travel budget. Let your teen feel that the occasion is a celebration of his or her birthday.


  • Family Dinner at a Fine Dining Restaurant

This is also a family event, but it will really make a mark on your teen’s heart. Spend some quality time together by organizing a dinner event in a fine dining restaurant. Make the conversation light during the occasion and have a special cake prepared for your teen as well.

Choose an elegant restaurant in your area, and research for the dishes that they have. This way, you know what to expect on the menu and about their prices.

Now you can impress your teen with Teenage Birthday Party Ideas. 

Birthday Themes for Boys

Birthday Themes for Boys

Theme party for boys is endless. You can provide them with anything and they make good use out of it. Give them a ball and they can come up with many ideas how to play it. Same goes with their birthday; as long as their friends are there it would be a fun filled experience. There are numerous birthday theme parties for boys you called think of.

We will just mention the top ten most popular one. You can always incorporate each theme with unique details from another theme. Possibilities are endless.


One of the coolest ways to celebrate birthday themes for boys is through a nerd game. The children would absolutely enjoy fighting off each other. And I bet adults would also enjoy running around them. Provide each kid with a Nerf gun and lots of ammo. Make sure that the game area is wide enough and add up an obstacle course for a more thrilling experience.

Food wouldn’t be a problem, just prepare something to quench their thirst and feed their appetite after an exhausting Nerf battle. Costumes wouldn’t be necessary but buying each one of your guest a need gun is kind of pricey. But you would do anything for your little boy even though sometimes, it puts a hole in your pocket.


Basically, a pirate theme party is chosen by kid’s ages 5-7 years old. What is to be seen in this kind of party are mostly wrecked ship made out of boxes, improvised pirates hooks, patch eye and make believe body of water or situated in an island where in the excitement of this theme comes in.

You can base the games on finding the lost treasure and the mysteries that goes with it. They mimic pirates of the olden times such as one-eyed pirate, wooden foot pirate and the star of the party the celebrant goes for the captain hook, and don’t forget the ever famous green parrot on his shoulder. Selection of food wouldn’t be hard as long as you relate it to any pirate like item.

Basketball party theme

Shoot some hoops. Boys love basketball that’s why you cannot go wrong with this kind of birthday themes for boys. Starting out by sending out invites like a ticket to an NBA game. Of course, what game would you sponsor nothing else than any shooting game, from basketball ring, to large cups and many more. You would like to set them in teams as to promote teamwork and cooperation. Then what else would be a great price than a trophy. A cake shaped in a ring or a ball would surely draw the crowd.


The world of blocks have been a fascination to children. That is why this theme brings out the creativity in your kids of building endless blocks of any design. You might want to get a big pool of Lego blocks as not to scatter them around. You can provide Lego design loot bags, Lego pin the head game, a centerpiece made out of Lego and of course, a cake with Lego theme. Dressing up with two-toned color would also be nice to complete the theme.


It is deeply influenced by the old west. The party focuses on battles between cowboys and Indians thus the costumes are off base on these. Cowboy hats, cardboard horses, tipis, Indian headdresses and the infamous bonfire. Present are toy revolvers bow and arrow and spear. Gongs and drums are played for Indians and piano inside the saloon are for cowboys. You can play the popular game pin the horse’s tail. Cowboys can wear hats, vest, and boots. While for the Indian a brown printed top would do the trick.



Inspired by the tropical region, Hawaii. Influenced b the Samoan culture, floral top, flowers are loomed as corsage and headdresses. You can serve tropical drinks on coconut shells and pineapple hollowed out and turns into cups. Boys can have made believe fire dances using makeshift poi balls. Beach food should be serving such as barbeque and hotdogs hot off the grill. Desserts made out of gelatin and shaped as sea creature, you can do this by using a mold. You can also serve fruit kebab, make sure the selection of foods is colorful to be an attractive sight to guest.


There are lots to choose from with this kind of theme. It depends on the preference of the child on what cartoon he would prefer. May it be classic, like Aladdin or the popular Minions. It is generally colorful in nature. At times, it is accompanied by mascots and or a magical show. Making sure the children would have a feel of the real deal. The cake would be shaped upon the character as well as the cupcakes. The musical soundtrack would be played throughout the party. Just always incorporate items related add up on your design.


Extravagant costumes paired with their super powers of the chosen superhero is the focal point of this theme. The twist of the party is that there faces are concealed from the mask of their superhero costume. Kids will show off their supernatural powers through their actions in self-made sounds to depict their character. Preparing food that is based on the characters supernatural ability is a great way to entice the children such as bread design to look likes a brick or steel.


Ready set go! Car enthusiast’s children would adore this kind of party. Let them suit up with race car driver customers and if you are feeling a little edgy you could provide helmets also. Checkered black and whites are good border designs. Traffic lights made out of cartoon would also give a nice touch. Car racing themed cupcakes will be a go to treat.

Billiards and Bowling theme

What a cool way to celebrate your boys birthday party then let them have a fun on their own. You can go to your nearest recreation center and rent out the place for at least 2 hours or so. You would also like to talk to the manager on how the terms would be, are there guest limit, will the fee cover food, and are you allowed bringing in food? Make sure a designated transportation accompanied by an adult is strictly followed. Now you have a wonderful selection of Birthday Themes for Boys.


How to Throw a Casino Theme Party

How to Throw a Casino Theme Party

Planning to celebrate a birthday party with a twist? Why not go for a casino theme party to have all the fun, thrill, and excitement that casino games offer?

Casinos are very popular for so many decades now. They are not just about games such as slots, poker, baccarat, blackjack, or roulette. They are also about glamour and fashion and glitter. Men and women dress up in suits and gowns to enjoy the night. They gather to interact with other people and experience a very fun night.

There are a lot of occasions that have a casino theme party in these recent times. Some individuals and organizations set up a casino party to raise funds for their company or for a charity group that they are supporting. Many individuals and families set up a casino theme party for their birthdays so that all of their guests will have fun during the event. It usually becomes unique experience for everyone since not all people get the chance or have the inclination to go to casinos to play.

How to Organize a Casino Theme Party

What are the most important things to consider when organizing this type of party for your birthday? To make sure that the event will be smooth, take note of the following aspects in organizing the event.

  • Invitations

Casino parties are usually formal, so it is very important to have a printed invitation card or paper to distribute to your friends and relatives. The invitation should indicate the basic information about your party, and this information can be encapsulated into the following questions: where, when, and what to wear.

The invitation must indicate what would be the expected attire for attendees, and you may opt for Vegas attire, James Bond Casino Royale, or Black Tie. With this setup, many people will be excited with your birthday party and will really make some effort to look elegant and classy.

How to create an invitation card? One of the easiest things to do is to print fake dollars with your face on them. This is definitely a huge knock-out and a lot of people will really be interested to attend your party. They could even keep your invitation as a memorabilia for parties that they have attended in their lifetime.

Another type of invitation is a one-page printout with a black and green background. The texts should be printed in gold or red to exhibit the colours of a casino theme.

  • Food

Party platters and finger foods are great menus for a birthday casino theme party. They are easy to create and most of the meals or foods are bite-sized. Guests could have them anytime they want by placing them on a long table. You could also hire a few waiters to serve the food and drinks to players or guests. Here are easy to prepare recipes for casino parties:

  • Ricotta and Parmesan Spread
  • Mexican Seven-Layer Dip
  • Strawberry Bruschetta
  • Peaches and Cream Mini Cupcakes
  • Creamy Pesto Pinwheels
  • Melon, Mozarella, and Prosciutto Skewers
  • Skewered Persimmon and Herb Bites
  • Mini Peppermint and Chocolate Chip Cheesecakes
  • Chocolate Bruschetta


  • Cocktail Drinks

Cocktail drinks are one of the highlights in casino themed-parties. Make your own martini, cosmopolitan, margarita, or bloody mary drinks. You follow some of the best cocktail drink recipes such as the luscious slush punch, whiskey sours, sea breeze cocktail, real mojito, good mojito, and beer margaritas.

You may also opt for delicious alcohol-free drinks. Here are some awesome alcohol-free drink recipes to choose from.

  • Iced Green Tea Elixer with Ginger and Lemon
  • Asian Pear Sparkler
  • Pink Grapefruit and Pomegranate Soda
  • Rosemary Citrus Spritzer
  • Watermelon Strawberry Cooler
  • Non-alcoholic Maple and Grapefruit Cocktail
  • Orange and Elderflower Spritzer
  • Strawberry Basil Sodas
  • Hibiscus Mimosa


  • Decorations

To make the venue appear elegant, keep the decorations simple. The tables should be covered with green fabric. Then, create some masks with casino themes. These masks have to be skewed in wooden sticks so that guests could also use them when taking pictures. Place these masks as decors on vases or tables.

  • Games

Some companies hire equipment and professional casino dealers. This way, participants who haven’t played casino can get instructions and learn from these dealers. There are casino party rentals that you could take advantage of for your birthday. Here are the equipment that you could rent:

  • Grand Roulette Table
  • Blackjack Table
  • Casino Blackjack Table
  • Poker Tournament
  • Roulette Table with Wheel
  • Cards
  • Photo Booths


  • Music

Music is a significant background in your birthday casino party. Get a playlist of all James Bond soundtrack movies. You may also mix the music with modern pop and R and B songs to hype up the atmosphere. Make your party a blast by playing wonderful music that creates a positive vibe.

  • Party Host

Hire a friend or an acquaintance that is very good at hosting an event. Coordinate with the host on the series of activities that you are going to have for the party. Inform him or her as well to make everything light and fun.

  • Gaming Rules

Do not ever neglect this one. Are you planning to ask your guests to use real money or not? For less pressure and more fun and excitement, just ask them to use fake money. You could print a lot of fake money and distribute them during the party. Whoever wins the most money in the game could be given a prize.

What if some friends want to use money for casino bets just for fun? They can actually do so since it is just a one-time event and every game is just for pure fun. Some individuals want to play real money to be more challenged when playing games and to feel more thrilled. Just remind them that the party is for them to enjoy, so they could play anytime they want.

If you have no idea on how to throw a party with casino themes, consider hiring an event organizer or perhaps, hire casino services. They can easily be found on the internet.

How to Plan a Pirate Birthday Party

How to Plan for a Pirate Birthday Party?

Are you currently planning for your children’s birthday party? You are surely in the middle of thinking the best theme that you can consider for this. There could be a number of themes and ideas that you can consider, but have you ever think of a pirate birthday party? Yes, can you imagine your son portraying Captain Jack Sparrow? Or having the miniature Black Pearl on their birthday? That could be really fun and there is a big chance that your child will love this.

However, a pirate birthday party would not be successful of if you will not plan for it accordingly. With that, it is ideal for you to make sure that you will have a perfect plan to follow and help you out to avoid having problems throughout. In this article, you will have a better idea on the different things you have to consider and do when you are planning a pirate birthday party. So, make sure to read more!

Questions to Ask on Yourself

To get started, there could be some simple questions that you can ask yourself. This could be ideal for you to have a better idea on your own preferences and needs, and know what you should start doing. Some of the questions you should ask yourself are the following below:

  •    How much budget do you have?
  •    How many guests are going to attend the party?
  •    Where are you going to celebrate the party?
  •    How old is your child?
  •    When is the birthday of your child?

The answers to those questions will help you in having a better plan for the pirate birthday party you are planning. You should keep those in your mind and easily know the things you should look for and consider for your plans.

The budget could be one of the most important for this. You need to make sure that you can have enough money that you can use for this because you have to prepare different things like foods, the decorations and other things to make the party follow the theme that you have chosen.

For almost everything, you should consider the number of guests who are going to attend the party. The more guests you have, the more things for you to prepare. It will be ideal if you should also consider the place and determine if it could accommodate the number of guests that you have and it could be perfect for the theme as well. You may want to choose an outdoor venue to enhance and put emphasize to your pirate decorations.

You should also know if a pirate themed party is perfect for the age of your child. This is really ideal for most of the kids, but it is never too late to eventually become young again if your kid is a little old already.

Lastly, the date when the party will be celebrated should also be greatly pondered on. Make sure that the weather is very fine during those days to have a more pleasant party to enjoy and your guests will not have problems in dealing with rain and others.

Getting the Right Things Needed

The decorations are very important for a pirate birthday party. You need to get the right decorations for this and save money as much as possible. Some of the important decorations and things you should get may include the following below:

  • Pirate Costume – your kid will surely love to wear a pirate costume with a big hat as well. You can do researches on the internet for the common costume that a pirate could wear or you can consider making your own costume. There are a lot of shops out there that are selling pirate costumes, but you can also ask someone to make one for you and customize it for your child.
  • Pirate Props – There are also a number of pirate props that you should get. There should be a compass, maps, luxurious things and surely a ship. There is no need for you to become really serious in spending lots of money for the props that you need because there are so many DIY instructions that you can follow for this.
  • Pirate Foods – most pirates would eat anything, but mostly they are after some feasts with lots of seafood, meats and fruits to enjoy. So, make sure that you will prepare meals that could be perfect for those categories.

Hiring an Event’s Planner

On the other hand, if you do not have enough time to spend in planning for the party, then there is nothing to worry about that as you can hire an event’s planner. The event’s planner is someone who is very knowledgeable on the different things needs to be done and avoid when planning for whatever kind of party and they would be able to help you out in meeting your goals. This could be perfect for people who are working and could not manage to have extra time to use for the planning of the event.

However, there could be a number of them that you can find in the market and you need to make sure that the one you will hire is really the best and most reliable out there. With that, you may want to think about the following things below:

  •    You can ask for the recommendations and suggestions of other people you know. This could be simple for you to know who to look for later on. You can also get more information about the event’s planner to the person who have recommended him or her to you.
  •    You should check the background of the planner in this and determine if the quality of services they are offering is enough for what you need. Make sure to ask for their portfolio to know more about the things you should expect from them.
  •    It is also ideal for you to ask for the price of the labor and services that the planner will need beforehand.